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The Scholars´ Reading Room


LOCATION Ground floor, cross aisle at the end of the main lobby, door no. 35




TELEPHONE 221 663 236
221 663 111 (operator)


The Scholars´ Reading Room is open to scholars, university teachers and researchers and others (as stipulated in detail in the Scholars‘ Reading Room Regulations). Proof of professional status (workplace ID, letter of recommendation, etc.) is required.
RULES The Scholars‘ Reading Room Regulations
  • the reference library contains approximately  4500 volumes on literary history and theory, linguistics and the arts, and general encyclopedias and language and subject dictionaries, categorized in Classified Arrangement of the Scholars‘ Reading Room
    • you will find shelf marks of the Reading Room collection in OPAC -items  with a note  „open shelves“ – you may pick yourselves

  • National Digital Library is made available through the system Kramerius (access on 2 work stations; access to public domain works also through Wi-Fi)
  • Licensed online databases (available through Wi-Fi) including 


Librarian in charge: Denisa Molitorisová

Eva Němcová

Jan 11, 2024
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