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New service of the National Library: scanning tent ScanTent


The scanning tent is the ideal tool for fast, high-quality and free scanning of documents using your own smartphone. It provides optimal lighting, a contrasting background and a tripod function.
Combined with the DocScan app, the phone can scan automatically, leaving your hands free to turn pages or hold the document. Acquired scans can be automatically cropped and saved in PDF format.


Working with DocScan and ScanTent, you can expect to scan a 300-page book (equivalent to 150 images) in approximately 12-15 minutes. In general, you can scan more than 500 images in just one hour.

Scanning tents can be found in the General Reading Room, the Social and Natural Sciences Reading Room, and the Scholars Reading Room.


You can download the DocScan app for free
for Android phones from Google Play


for iOS devices from AppStore





Scanning instructions:

  1. Create a new file in DocScan.
  2. Set the scan mode to Automatic.
  3. Place your phone on the scanning tent mount with the phone's camera resting on the round hole of the board.
  4. Scan the desired pages of the document.
  5. Review the created scans and start cropping using automatically generated or manually adjusted frames.
  6. Save the scans to a PDF file.
  7. Fill out the User Created Copy Declaration form at the service desk.
Jan 12, 2024
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