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Remote access to licensed online resources and access to databases on CD-ROM

The National Library of the CR provides to its users two possibilities to access licensed resources via systems HAN and Shibboleth.

HAN – system for a remote access

HAN system contains online licensed resources except for a few online databases which do not allow access from outside the NL CR. Online resources available from outside the NL CR via HAN system are in the overview accompanied by the icon han-ikona-nova.jpg. In HAN you can also find licensed databases on CD-ROM which are only possible to use on the computers of the NL CR.

After logging in to HAN – system for a remote access you can choose the required database through one of the following options (HAN interface is available in Czech only):

  • alphabetical list of licensed resources (abecední seznam zapojených zdrojů)
  • complete list of licensed resources (rozvinutý (úplný) seznam licencovaných zdrojů)
  • list of licensed databases according to subject (seznam zdrojů podle oborů)
  • list of licensed databases according to type (seznam zdrojů podle typu databáze)

In HAN menu you can also find a number of lists of licensed e-journals and an option for using licensed databases involved in UIG, KIV and MUS from outside the NL CR:

  • selection of particular e-journals (through NKC, SFX UIG and EZB) and e-books (výběr jednotlivých e-časopisů (prostřednictvím báze NKC, SFX JIB  a  EZB) a e-knih)
  • through UIG and KIV and MUS subject gateways (particular gateways are available in the alphabetical list of resources) (prostřednictvím JIB a oborových bran KIV, a MUS (jednotlivé brány naleznete v abecedním seznamu zapojených zdrojů)


Shibboleth enables to use only a part of licensed online databases from outside the NL CR. The advantage of Shibboleth system is such that after log in it is possible to work with concrete selected resource directly. Online licensed databases accessible through Shibboleth are in the overview accompanied by the icon Vzdálený přístup pomocí Shibboleth.  Since 30.12.2010 Shibboleth has been working in the NL CR in testing operation. In case of any problems with logging in, please feel free to contact us, we would appreciate more information concerning the problem (the date and time of log in, selected database, error reports etc.).

Conditions of using licensed resources of the NL CR

Licensed resources which are accessible to registered users of the NL CR are intented to be used for study and research purposes only, namely in the standard way and using the tools which are offered by selected resource. While working with licensed resources it is not acceptable to use various types of robots or other automated download programs. The right to access licensed resources may be taken away from those users who will use non-standard tools during searching, browsing or saving data from licensed resources

Information about logging in to the system for a remote access

To log in please use your ID and password to NKC or SLK (the same data as to order books or internet). The access to the system will be denied to those who have any messages in the part "Offences" in their reader´s account in NKC or SLK bases. In that case contact the Main Hall, optionally Slavonic Library, to solve the problem. If you have any problems with passwords which contain diacritics or special characters, please contact us.

Possibilities to use licensed online resources in UIG and KIV and MUS subject gateways

Registered users of the NL CR can use via remote access all licensed / free resources and services available through the portal of Uniform Information Gateway (UIG) and Librarianship and Information Science (KIV) and Musica (MUS) subject gateways. The gateways (links available in the alphabetical list of licensed resources) also bring users a benefit of creating their own space ("My Space" in the top menu bar of Search) where they can set up own resources and services, optionally save or work with relevant retrieved results (the registration in UIG and KIV and MUS subject gateways is for free).

Jana Huňová

Dec 18, 2018
Temporary restrictions on remote access


In the days 21st of May to 22nd of May, 2016 will be updated system Shibboleth, by means of which the National Library provides remote access to online licensed databases.


During the updated may be short term disruptions in remote access to licensed databases.


Thank you for your understanding and apologize for any inconvenience.

an alphabetical list of particular online licensed journals (by usage of EZB)
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