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Instructions for users of hired storage lockers


  1. Registered users of the Scholars’ Reading Room may hire a lockable storage locker in the Reading Room for the purpose of storing personal belongings and study materials.
  2. Storage lockers are hired on the basis of a hire contract if a locker is available. The hire period is at least one calendar month and no longer than 12 calendar months (the period between the annual summer library closures).
  3. The user communicates their interest in hiring a storage locker to library staff in the Reading Room. Subsequently the Head of the Reading Rooms Department of the NL negotiates and signs a hire contract with the user, which specifies the terms and conditions of the hire.
  4. After signing the contract, the user receives a note for payment of the hire at the staff desk in the Social and Natural Sciences Reading Room. Based on the payment receipt, the storage locker will be handed over to the user, including one key; the act shall be recorded in writing. At the same time, the spare key will be kept in the safe deposit box in the Reading Rooms Department.
  5. If the user loses the key to the hired storage locker, the locker will be opened; a record of the procedure shall be made in writing. In accordance with the hire contract, the user will pay a contractual penalty, see the Fees and Services Price List of the NL. (The penalty will be used to cover the cost of replacing the lock.)
  6. The user is obliged to lock his storage locker whenever they leave it.
  7. In accordance with the hire contract, it is not permitted to store valuables, cash, items of greater value, food, beverages, on-site loans from the NL CR  (including units from reference collections), as well as firearms, cutting, stabbing or striking weapons, ammunition, explosives, electric stun guns, tear-forming agents, combustibles, corrosives and chemicals or working tools or other objects usable as weapons and other dangerous objects.



Prague, 1 March 2022

Eva Němcová
Head, the Reading Rooms Department

National Library of the Czech Republic

Apr 09, 2024
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