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Reference Services


This service that allows you to submit questions and receive answers electronically. It is meant for anybody interested in the Czech Republic, its history, literature, arts, politics, science, etc.
We will provide brief answers to specific questions, short list (up to 5 citations) of books, articles and/or web sites. You will hear from us within two business days.


Send your question via e-mail to or use our reference query form. Please be as specific as possible. Include limits or context of the question, such as do you need historical or current information, what field of knowledge is your question related to - the who, what, why, when, and where of the question.


What type of questions to ask us?

  • Questions that may be answered with short factual responses
  • Questions answerable by suggestions for resources to consider
  • Questions on search strategies for bibliographic resources on the net pertaining to the Czech Republic

Electronic Reference Service cannot answer questions that require extensive research. For this type of service you may ask for Research-in-Depth service.


Jana Huňová

Dec 11, 2012
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