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Ordering documents and their photocopies from abroad

You can use this service in case that the document you request is not available in any library in the Czech Republic. If you have any questions or problems please ask directly the staff at the ILL desk, they will gladly help you.

You need a valid National Library card to make an order from abroad.

This service is charged, the payment is made in advance. The payment is made through coupons (green for 40,- Kč, red for 200,- Kč) which you buy at the Hall of Services of the National Library. When buying coupons it is necessary to notify that it is for an advance payment for International interlibrary or Photocopying services. The fees are:

  1. loan of an original of a document:
    • published in Europe except for Great Britain - 200,- Kč each loan from abroad
    • published in Great Britain and elsewhere except for Europe - 400,- Kč each loan from abroad
    If your order will not be executed in four months, you can use the coupon in another order or we will return your money back.
  2. photocopy of every 5 pages of the original document or part of thereof: 40,- Kč

The request is made through filling in a special form directly at the Reference Center. It is necessary to fill and individual form for each order (e.g. for each article). When filling in, please abide by the rules concerning the basic bibliographic entries.

You will be notified by mail if your order had been executed. Therefor it is necessary to fill in an evidence form with personal entries (address, phone number, e-mail).

The acquired documents are only for studies locally in the reading room of the Reference Centre, photocopies are made on self-service copying machines in the reading room. If you need a loan renewal you have to ask 10 days before expiration (unless the foreign library assigns a shorter loan period).

Oct 02, 2012
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