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Photoduplication services

  1. If you would like to get a copy of a printed material from the National Library collection, ask a staff member in the particular department. The staff member will determine whether you can copy it yourself or it has to be done for you (oversized or fragile material, etc.) and show you the copier you can use.
  2. If the material can be copied by you , orders for having it done are accepted only exceptionally.
  3. While using photocopier follow the rules posted near the machine.
    Make sure to handle the material with care to prevent 'wear and tear'. Do not press heavily on the book spine as it may crack.
  4. Rare and fragile items and materials from the National Archival Collection are copied in accordance with the special preservation rules.
  5. Fill out the photoduplication order form legibly and fully. Include all particulars, such as call number, author, title, pages, and for periodicals the title, volume, year, issue number, date, pages, author and title of required article. For copies from a microfilm or fiche indicate the frame number(s).
    The same information must be on a bookmark which is put into the volume or attached to the microfilm or fiche. Without this it costs more.
  6. Photoduplication orders are delivered as follows:

    a) paper copies from microfilm, photographs ...3 weeks
    b) paper copies of a whole volume...................3 weeks
    c) paper copies up to 30 pages ......................1 week

  7. Photoduplication is subject to the Copyright Law which has to be respected.
  8. Public usage of copies of works which are out of copyright must be arranged for with the National Library and is subject to a fee.
  9. The National Library Photoduplication Services Rules are contained in full in the Lending Rules for Photoduplication of Materials in the National Library Collections.

Fees and services price list

Jana Huňová

Aug 20, 2018
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