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The Registration and Borrowing Rules of the Slavonic Library

The following rules have been issued according to the Rules and Regulations of the National Library of the Czech Republic (effective from 22 March 2022). They define exceptions in relation to users, arising from the specific position of the Slavonic Library (hereinafter also as the SL) within the structure of the National Library of the Czech Republic (hereinafter also as the NL CR).

Part One

User Registration and Borrowing Options

Art. 1) Library cards valid for the entire National Library of the CR are issued and renewed in the Hall of Services. A separate reader’s account for the services of the Slavonic Library is activated at the Circulation Desk of the Slavonic Library.

Art. 2) All registered users are entitled to in-house loans with the possibility of using interlibrary loan services.

Art. 3) Home loans can be provided to users who have completed the age of 18 and are:

a) citizens of the CR;
b) foreign nationals with a permanent residence permit in the Czech Republic;
c) EU citizens.

Part Two

Library-Item Borrowing

Art. 1) Home Loans

1. From the SL collections, it is possible to loan out books published since 1950 (inclusive).

Art. 2) In-House Use

1. The following items are reserved for in-house use:
a) books published before 1950;
b) historical collections (unique archival materials, manuscripts, early printed books, visual materials);
c) electronic documents;
d) newspapers and journals;
e) bibliophile items and rare pictorial publications;
f) library items from the reference library;
g) library items whose borrowing would be inconsistent with Czech law;
h) library items borrowed through domestic and international interlibrary loan services (ILL).

Art. 3) Limitations on Loans

1. If a library item is too fragile to borrow home, the director of the division, his or her deputy or the heads of individual departments may include the item among those for in-house use only.

2. Unique and rare collections, works deteriorating from excessive use, valuable items subject to theft, and documents also available in electronic form are loaned only for justified research purposes. The decision on the loan is made by the SL.

Art. 4) Loan Periods

1. Library items from the SL collection are loaned for the following periods:
a) The basic loan period is one month.
b) The prolonged loan period is two months (for researchers and teachers specialised in the field of Slavonic studies, translators from Slavic languages, members of the Academic Council of the SL, and the National Library staff).

2. The loan period can be extended up to six months.

3. A userʼs eligibility for extended loans is determined by the employee of the SL activating the reader’s account. Exceptions may be allowed by the head of the Public Services Department or the director of the division.

Art. 5) Library-Item Delivery

1. Library items deposited in the Klementinum are delivered every hour on the hour.

2. Library items deposited in the building of the NL CR in Prague – Hostivař are available at the Circulation Desk of the SL in the afternoon of the next day.

3. Newspapers deposited in the building of the NL CR in Prague – Hostivař will be available in its reading room after order confirmation. For capacity reasons, the maximum number of on-line orders allowed is 10. If you wish to order more units, contact SL by email ( or by phone (221 663 356).

Prague, 22 March 2022

PhDr. Lukáš Babka
Director of the Slavonic Library

Mar 25, 2022
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