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Personal Libraries in the Slavonic Library Collection


Personal libraries of leading figures of world Slavistics, which were given to or purchased by the Slavonic Library in the first years of its existence, constitute the base of its book collection. Though the books are dispersed in depositories due to the method of storage and protection of library’s collection, it is possible to reconstruct the individual libraries to some degree. These libraries then can serve as an important source for biographical and bibliographical studies.


Personal library of Alfred L. Bem

The attempt to reconstruct the personal library of Alfred Liudvigovich Bem was motivated by the fact that he was one of the leading figures of the exile from the former Soviet Union and also for the reason that the central part of his library is held by the Slavonic Library.

In 2004 the co-operation between the Slavonic Library and Russian research centre Russkaia emigratsiia was established and resulted in an edited volume of studies and documents related to the work and life of Alfred Bem before his departure to the exile. Complete and critical list of content of the part of Bem’s library held by the Slavonic Library will be part of the volume.

A sample of A. L. Bem Library – a book with dedication of Alexei Mikhailovich Remizov

Lukáš Babka

Sep 18, 2012
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