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Rules for Use of the Team Study Rooms

  1. Team study rooms may be used exclusively for study or research. It is forbidden to use them for commercial activities.

  2. Team study rooms are equipped with electrical outlets and a wi-fi connection.

  3. The data projector (or any other technology the team study room is equipped with) may be used only after a consultation with the librarian, who will familiarize the user with its operation. It is therefore expressly forbidden to use or handle the equipment without training.

  4. The team study room may only be used by registered users of the National Library of the Czech Republic (hereinafter referred to as the “National Library”) or by holders of a valid one-day a one-day admission ticket who accompany the registered user.

  5. Reservation of the team study room can be made only by a registered user of the National Library, either via the online catalogue or by contacting the library staff (in person or by telephone). In the latter case, the user must indicate the specific time slot they wish to reserve and supply the name a contact person.

  6. The team study room may be reserved up to two weeks (10 days) in advance.

  7. Reservations are made in two-hour blocks. One user can book only two two-hour blocks.

  8. If the team study room is not booked by another group, the reservation can be extended. Extensions are handled by the staff at the Reference Centre.

  9. Team study rooms can be used without prior reservation, but the users with confirmed reservations have priority. For more information, please contact the staff at the Reference Centre.

  10. If a user does not show up at the appointed time, the study room reservation is automatically cancelled after 10 minutes.

  11. The team study room is registered as a library loan onto the user’s account. A handover protocol is filled out before and after the use to determine the condition of the room. It is the sole responsibility of the user who has made the registration and signed the protocol to determine which persons they will allow access to the study room. However, the number of such persons is limited by the capacity of the study room.

  12. The user is obliged to check the team study room upon takeover and to alert a staff member of the National Library in the handover protocol to any damages, otherwise the user is liable for such damages. The user undertakes to inform the Reference Centre staff immediately of any damage and to pay for the damage to the National Library. Unless otherwise agreed, the user acknowledges that the repair of any damage will be carried out by the National Library at the expense of the user who signed the handover protocol. The user shall hand over the room clean and undamaged.

  13. It is not allowed to bring food and beverages into the team study room, except for clear soft drinks in resealable containers.

  14. The users may write on the whiteboard only with markers supplied by the librarian. Otherwise there is a risk of damaging the surface.

  15. No technology or any other equipment (e.g. chairs) may be moved, removed from, or brought in the team study rooms.

  16. Team study rooms are not soundproof – the users should keep their voice at a reasonable level.

  17. The library staff are authorized to enter the team study room at any time. In case of violation of rules for use of the team study rooms, the users may be banned from the premises.

  18. Failure to comply with the rules or repeated violations of the rules for use of the team study room, as well as failure to follow the instructions of the library staff may result in the user being deprived of the right (temporarily or permanently) to use and book the team study rooms.

  19. Users acknowledge that in order to protect the property of the National Library, the team study rooms are monitored by security cameras with a (non-audio) recording device.

  20. Unless stated otherwise, the National Library Rules and Regulations shall apply.


Prague, May 16,  2022

Mgr. Tomáš Foltýn
Director General of the National Library of the Czech Republic

May 19, 2022
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