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Social and Natural Science Reading Room Regulations

Based on the provisions of the Article nr. 12, para 2 of the Rules and Regulations of the National Library of the Czech Republic.
  1. Kindly leave your outer garments and pieces of luggage in the cloakroom.

  2. Enter with writing things only or, if need be, with study material checked by security personnel at the entrance gates. It is not allowed to use ink pens in the Reading Room, to bring in bottles of ink, scissors, glue, and sharp things. If you need help turn to staff at the supervisor´s desk.

  3. Taking drinks and food into the Reading Room is prohibited. Eating and drinking is permitted only in designated areas, i.e. in buffet and in the cloakroom entrance hall.

  4. When entering the Reading Room kindly surrender your reader card (or entrance permission) to the supervisor at the desk.

  5. Please, keep the Reading Room as quiet as possible. Show consideration for your colleagues. Switch off your mobile phones before entering the Reading Room – they may not be used there.

  6. Each user may occupy one vacant seat only. In special cases the seat may be assigned obligatorily by the supervisor.

  7. Kindly do not occupy seats in the Reading Room for users, who are not present in the National Library building. In case you leave your seat for more than 30 minutes, staff is authorized to vacate your seat for another user. Your belongings taken off your seat can be collected at the supervisor´s desk.

  8. Never write on paper laid on top of a book or another item from library collections. When working with material published before 1935, especially with Bohemical documents, use soft-lead pencil only.

  9. First of all books, newspapers and other periodicals from the National Library collections may be studied in the Reading Room. The requested material will be signed out to a user by the supervisor at the desk. The user is responsible for the loan all the time when his /her reader card and borrowing slip are deposited with the supervisor. Documents on loan must remain in the Reading Room at all times.

  10. Due to a limited storage capacity it is not possible to order newspapers or other documents of large-size format. No more than five volumes may be studied at one time. The requested material is held for you for the period of one week from delivery or from the latest loan. (If your work is of special character kindly turn to the supervisor).

  11. There is an extensive reference library available in the Reading Room. Consult staff if you need assistance in working with it. If you cannot find the publication requested, turn to the supervisor at the desk: publications which are not in open access are lent on request. Publications shelved along the Reading Room walls are available for study in the Social and Natural Science Reading Room.

  12. Also sound recordings are made accessible in the Reading Room as well as unmusical video recordings, electronic documents and microdocuments from the National Library collections. Restrictions imposed upon the consultation and use of non-printed documents may, in certain cases, result in a longer time of delivery than usual. For details kindly turn to the supervisor.

  13. All documents from the National Library collections signed out to you must remain in the Reading Rom at all times. Only information materials without the stamp of the National Library of the Czech Republic are exempt from this rule.

  14. Documents from the National Library collections will only be signed out to you for studying on a regular numbered seat at the table; the non-printed documents will be signed out exclusively for study with using the equipment in possession of the National Library. If all seats are occupied, no other person is allowed to enter the Reading Room and stay there The work with non-printed documents requires obligatorily to make prior reservation.

  15. When you have finished your work and leave the Reading Room, please return all documents signed out to you to the supervisor at the desk; then your reader card will be given back to you. If you have signed out only printed documents and leave the Reading Room for a short time, you may use the so-called pass to get through the entrance gates. The pass is available at the supervisor´s desk. Nevertheless you are fully responsible for all the documents signed out to you.

  16. If you want to have the documents, signed out to you from the stacks, transferred to the General Reading Room or to the Scholars´ Reading Room, please, present them to the supervisor together with newly completed request slips no later than 20 minutes before the close of the opening hours of the Social and Natural Science Reading Room. If the documents are returned in the other reading room on the same day, new request slips needn´t be completed.

  17. If you need to make a copy of whatever printed material from the National Library collections, please, turn to the supervisor at the desk. Kindly notice, that there are some restrictions resulting from demands of the library collections preservation. For details turn to the supervisor. Please, bear in mind the conditions of copying stipulated in the Law of Copyright. If the library cannot meet your requests on a special kind of reproduction work, the librarian in charge will help you to solve the problem. Intensive light may not be used in the Reading Room. According to the Law of Copyright it is not possible to make copies of non-printed documents from the National Library collections for further use, except for the express permission from the part of the copyright owner.

  18. A portable electronic text processing machine may be used in the Reading Room. If you have problems with connection ask for help the supervisor at the desk. Use of any other electronic appliance or accessory must be permitted – expressly or in writing – by the supervisor.

In Prague, 30th August 1999.
PhDr. Hanuš Hemola
Head of the Library Services Division

Hanuš Hemola

Sep 18, 2012
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