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Find slavistic literature

At present, the collections of the Slavonic Library (SL) include over 700 thousand non-periodical and periodical documents, a half of which are those of Russian literature. Library collections are divided into more than ten groups >>.
Besides books, the library collections include also periodicals, Archive Materials and several Important Collections.

Online sources

We recommend to search the requested documents from Slavonic Library collections in the following online sources, in case you did not succeed in finding the searched document in any of the given sources  you can check card catalogues mentioned in column on the right side.

Online SL catalogue  - base SLK searching
The words typed-in  are searched in various fields of the record, more exact wording of the query can be put directly in the base SLK.

Scanned General  Catalogue of the Slavonic Library searching (catalogues contain data up to  January 1998)
(if you know author or title - in case the searched document has no author)

Scanned Catalogue of the former Russian Foreign Historical Archive searching

Licensed databases searching

Oct 09, 2012
Card catalogues (access in SL only)
located in the Slavonic Library
Availability in the Czech Republic
If you do not find ...
To get more specific data about the searched document, you may use the following sources.
OCLC FirstSearch - WorldCat
national bibliographies
retrospective bibliographies
Requested books are not in SL ...
You can use Interlibrary loan service, which  serves for obtaining those documents that are not available in the collections of SL.

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