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Articles can be found in a periodical right by the particular citation, or by indexes, which are published continuously in case of some periodicals - especially the professional ones - or, e.g. in yearly accumulations, or based on data from bibliography. Bibliographies can be focused generally or on a certain branch or region. At present, they are accessible mainly in the electronic form. Some older bibliographies are transferred step by step into the electronic form, nevertheless many of them, especially the professional ones are still accessible only in the printed form or in a card catalogue in the institution that works on the particular bibliography.

Online sources - Czech articles

We recommend to search the requested articles in the following online sources, in case you did not succeed in finding the searched  articles in any of the given sources  you can check card catalogues and printed sources mentioned in column on the right side.

Online ANL - Czech periodical and newspaper articles database searching
The words typed-in  are searched in various fields of the record, more exact wording of the query can be put directly in the base ANL.

Online Anopress database searching
This licensed database is accessible in some Reading Rooms only (Reference centre, Periodical Reading Rooms, Slavonic Library, Library and Information Science Library).

subject bibliographies of articles searching

Online regional bibliographies of articles searching

Online sources - foreign articles

licensed article databases search
These licensed databases are accessible in selected Reading Rooms.



Oct 09, 2012
Card catalogues (access in NL only)
Retrospective Periodical Index 1945-52
Printed sources
Czech periodical & newspaper articles
subject  bibliographies of articles
regional bibliographies of articles
Full text of article ...
Besides basic data concerning the particular article, some databases contain also their full texts. Full texts of a part of the articles are only available in the printed form. In such case you must first find out whether the particular periodical or newspaper is kept in the National Library or possibly in another Czech library.
Find newspapers and journals.
Article full text is not in NL ...
You can use Interlibrary loan service, which  serves for obtaining copies of those documents that are not available in the collections of NL.

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