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The service eBooks on Demand (EOD) allows to get a digitazed book from the collections of the National Library or the Slavonic Library, which is not under copyright and was published from 1500 to 1900. The EOD eBook is a single PDF file that enables to:

  • Display and read the eBook using the standard softwares (e.g. Adobe Acrobat Reader)
  • Print selected pages only or the whole eBook
  • Copy and paste text or images into other applications (e.g. various text editors)

Apart from the image of the scanned original book the PDF file also contains, if applicable, the automatically recognized full text (OCR), which allows to search the eBook electronically.


How EOD works?

The EOD service can be used by any physical person over the age of 18 having legal capacity. It is not necessary to be a registered reader of the National Library.

It is permitted to use the eBooks obtained by EOD service for personal and non-commercial purposes only. All eBooks digitized within the EOD service are available in UIBK Innsbruck repository.

Strictly the whole book is digitized in EOD service. If the current physical condition or the availability of the book does not allow digitizing, or if the requested book is included in the NL CR project of mass digitization, it is possible to reject the request.

Providing the EOD service follows the Terms and Conditions of EOD Service and the EOD Price List.


How to get the eBook?

  • Search out the required book in the on-line catalogue NKC, STT or SLK and press the EOD button
  • Fill in the book’s data and choose the way of shipping, which suits you the most: you can obtain the eBook electronically (via download link sent by e-mail), or burned on CD/DVD, which is left to be collected in the National Library or sent to the designated postal address
  • We will confirm receipt of your request by e-mail and then the order will be processed within 14 days. Once the book has been digitized, you will be asked to pay for it. There are several ways of payment:
    • cashless payment – by credit card or via Click & Buy payment system
    • payment based on the invoice - only for requests submitted from the territory of the Czech Republic
    • ready cash at the cashdesk of the NL CR Reference and ILL Service Department
    • After your payment has been received, you will obtain the eBook

The EOD Network The EOD service is provided by the network of libraries and other memory institutionsfrom all over Europe. If you do not find the book you want in the collections of the National Library or the Slavonic Library, feel free to search the EOD union catalogue – perhaps the book is waiting elsewhere.


Jana Huňová

Jun 17, 2013

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