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Queens, Noblewomen and Burger Women

Cultural Activities of Women in the Middle Ages

May 17 – June 29, 2024


Compared to men, women during the Middle Ages had limited opportunities to influence political, economic and cultural life of the society. Despite of that their role in these fields was not unimportant. The exhibition features the range of activities by which noble and lowborn women influenced the society and acted as cultural agents in the broadest sense of the word: they participated in the creation of material and spiritual culture and at the same time used these means to fulfill their political role and strengthen their personal or family powerful position. The activities of women are presented in three thematic areas, women politicians, women founders, and women readers.

Klementinum, ground floor (gate A)
Mon - Sat 9 am - 7 pm
Admission to the exhibition for the NL registered users and those with a one-day Admission Ticket in the NL Opening Hours
NL readers entrance free

May 17, 2024, HOLAN
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