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International Webinar on the National Library

Meet the National Library of the Czech Republic (YouTube recording)PresentationQuestions & Answers

Webinar Meet the National Library of the Czech Republic is a part of the webinar series Meet the National Libraries, organized since autumn 2020 by the Slavic Reference Service at the University of Illinois in collaboration with the IFLA National Libraries Section.

The webinar has been held on 22 April 2021 from 5 pm to around 7 pm CEST.

The National Library of the CR and its digital services, but not only those, in presentations by Tomáš Foltýn, Adolf Knoll, Zdenko Vozár, Karolína Košťálová, Marie Haškovcová, Petra Vávrová and Lukáš Babka.

Topics and programme:

  • Meet the National Libraries, Series Introduction – Joe Lenkart (Manager, Slavic Reference Service)
  • Welcome & Introduction - Tomáš Foltýn (Director, Collections Management)
  • Digital Access to Collections - Adolf Knoll (Deputy Director, Science, Research, and International Cooperation)
  • National Digital Library and the COVID-19 Pandemic - Zdenko Vozár (Head, Support for Library Applications)
  • Ask Your Library and Other Public Services - Karolína Košťálová (Director, Public Services)
  • 20 Years of the Czech Web Archive - Marie Haškovcová (Head, Web Archiving)
  • Long-Term Preservation of the Physical Collections - Petra Vávrová (Director, Collections Preservation)
  • Slavonic Library Public Services - Lukáš Babka (Director, Slavonic Library)
  • Q&A - Your questions will be answered after the lectures.

The webinar is free, you have to register here >>

The Zoom platform will be used, the webinar will be recorded and the recording is published.

The Meet the National Libraries series has so far presented two webinars. Their recordings are available here:

Mar 07, 2022, HOLAN
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