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10 years of European flowering settlements

6 September – 12 October 2012 - Exhibition corridor, groundfloor

The exhibition presents an overview of a ten-year participation of Czech representatives in the international competition Entente Florale Europe – European Flowering Settlements and introduces all towns and villages awarded up to the present, including the two competing in this year.
The aim of the competion is to support municipal and local representatives, private companies and individual citizens to collaborate on improving the quality of life for local urban and village communities. To this end it fosters the greening of towns and villages from flowers, shrubs, green spaces and parks, through relax spaces and grounds for sports to tourism and the development that is environmentally and ecologically friendly.
The exhibition is intended for a wide range of visitors. It tries to promote environmental awareness of people and to motivate both local representatives and the individuals to participate in the development of their home towns and villages.

Oct 08, 2012, admin
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