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Involvement in large research infrastructures

Grant recipient: the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at Charles University
Project leader: Dr Jan Hajič, Dr, the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at Charles University
Responsible individual on behalf of the NL CR: Mgr. Bc. Michaela Bežová
Project period: 2019–2022
In 2022, the NL CR was once again involved in this large research infrastructure where the main researcher is the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at Charles University. A further 12 scientific research institutions and universities are involved in the project. In 2022, each institution focussed on activities associated with the activities in the area of digital humanities, the administration and archiving of digital data, the creation of digital repositories, lessons in the digital humanities and so on.
The NL CR featured in the framework of this infrastructure along with the other two libraries that are affiliated with it: the ML in Brno and the LCAS. This close cooperation, not only within the framework of this research infrastructure, also resulted in the signing of a Contract of Cooperation pertaining to the operation of the CDL, which had previously been administered by the LCAS. Thanks to this cooperation, the activities will be divided among these three organisations, so that the first instance of the CDL will run on ML servers, the second instance will run on NL CR servers and the LCAS will be involved in developing this digital technology. The NL CR will also be involved in the administration of the digital collections as part of the operations of the CDL.
The LINDAT-CLARIAH/CZ project led to the further partial development of the NL CR digital library in 2022, when the quotation server was deployed for the Kramerius system. Significant emphasis was also placed on out-of-commerce works (OOCW) this year when, for example, a new method of designating documents according to the licences defining the access options in compliance with the newly set rules was implemented. This year also saw the launch of an application for OOCW, which simplifies the work with the List of Out-of-Commerce Works both for curators and, for example, for publishers or authors.
Standard curatorial work was also performed in the digital library under this research infrastructure and titles were identified that should be digitised for inclusion in the digital collections.

Jul 10, 2023
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