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How to study in the library

Anybody over the age of 15 with a valid library card, or a one-day admission ticket is allowed to study in the National Library of the CR (NL). The range of provided services is different (for more see How to become a user). In the NL, it is allowed to study documents from the NL collections as well as one´s own materials.

Only a small part of the NL collections that is held on open-access in the reading rooms, is available for immediate study in the Klementinum.

Most of the documentsmust be delivered from closed stores after placing a request, delivery times are different depending on the location of a document (around 2 hours for documents stored in the Klementinum building, or until the next working day afternoon, if it is stored in the Hostivař Central Depository).

Printed documents (including the bound periodicals) may be requested particularly to the General Reading Room. The Social and Natural Sciences Reading Room is equipped with devices for making electronic documents (e.g. CD-ROM, DVD, CD-A, audio cassettes) or microfilms and microfiches accessible. The latter can also be requested to the Periodicals Reading Room. The Scholars Reading Room is primarily intended for users engaged in scientific and research, or pedagogical activities.

Documents to the reading rooms of the specialized departments are delivered from the particular reference stores. These requests are mostly dealt in shorter time, often while you wait. Delivery time is ruled by the specific regulations of these reding rooms (Periodicals Reading Room, Music Department Reading Room, Manuscripts and Early Printed Books Reading Room, Library and Information Science Library).

In the reading rooms, it is also allowed to study materials in electronic form. Such materials are mainly provided on licensed databases (see How to use licensed databases) or the Digital Library (see How to use the Digital Library).

Oct 11, 2012
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