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Telephone and e-mail contacts

Division Telephone

Responsible person

Operator 221663111
Reception desk
221663331 Hana Kordičová
Reader´s info
Loan info - Main Hall 221663244 PhDr. Vlasta Kostlánová
Collections and services info - Main Hall 221663248 PhDr. Vlasta Kostlánová
Research and bibliographic services 221663239 Mgr. Karolína Košťálová
Interlibrary loan services 221663202 Mgr. Karolína Košťálová
Slavonic Library 221663356 Bc. Magda Králová

NL´s headquarters and departments
Director general 221663262
221663261 fax

PhDr. Martin Kocanda, Ph.D.

Office of general director - director
221663187 Irena Klausová
Office of general director - assistant

Ivana Šípalová

Economy and operation management
- director
221663101 Ing. Ivo Gottwald
Digitization and technologies - director
in charge
221663116 fax

Bc. Petra Burdová
Library collections and services - director
in charge
221663302 PhDr. Edita Lichtenbergová
Deputy Director for research, development
and international relations
221663274 Mgr. Adolf Knoll
Process outputs 221663xxx
Services - director 221663293 PhDr. Jana Huňová
Historical and music collecions - director 221663282 Mgr. Tomáš Klimek, Ph.D.
Slavonic Library - director 221663354 PhDr. Lukáš Babka
Librarianship institute - director 221663338
222220362 tel/fax
PhDr. Vít Richter
Centre for communication - director 221663275 Irena Maňáková
PR and marketing 221663275 Irena Maňáková
Economy and budget - director 221663115
Facilities managemet and operation - deputy
221663294 I
Investments - deputy 221663108 Ing. Alena Jankovcová
Foreign relations 221663468 Mgr. Karolína Valda Kasalová
Legal deposit - non-periodicals 221663290 Mgr. Olga Zeinertová
Legal deposit - periodicals 221663391 PhDr. Hana Nová
ISBN National Agency 221663306 tel/fax Mgr. Antonín Jeřábek
ISMN National Agency 221663311 PhDr. Magda Saková
Publishing Department 221663570 PhDr. Milena Ředinová
National Library, Hostivař
Operator 221663377
Jun 26, 2020
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