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Lending Services


The basic services provided by the Slavonic Library are free of charge. Reader’s registration, photocopying, and specialized searches are subject to charges.

All fees are determined by the Table of Services and Charges according to the Rules and Regulations of the National Library and Loan Regulations of the Slavonic Library.

The library reserves the lending right to any and all individual titles.

Borrowing privileges include the following types of selections:

  • books published since 1950

Materials reserved for in-house use include:

  • books published before 1950
  • rare and old prints, archive manuscripts, and visual materials such as posters, photographs and graphics maintained in the library’s safe
  • bibliophile titles and rare, illustrated publications
  • books from the reference library
  • newspapers and journals

Slavonic Library lending operates according to an automatic loan system. Readers as well as the loans are registered through a bar code under the Aleph System. They can also request titles and order them on-line easily using the library’s electronic catalogue (OPAC).

The loan period of a book is usually one month. For students working on a thesis or academic researchers the loan period is extended to three months. If a book is overdue, fines are automatically calculated on a daily basis, with no further borrowing permitted.

The lending period can be extended up to three times unless other readers have requested the materials.

A loan period can be extended on-line via the library catalogue.

Delivery of documents

Loans from Klementinum stacks will be delivered every hour on the hour.

Loans from the depositary in Hostivař (books with B, K, L, Mk, O, P, S, and newspapers of all shelf marks since 1946) will be delivered to readers the afternoon of the following day.

Registration and Lending Rules in the Slavonic Library

Rules and Regulations of the National Library of the Czech Republic

Price List of the Paid Services and Fees of the National Library of the Czech Republic

Lukáš Babka

Aug 08, 2019
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