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Bibliographies of the Slavonic Library
alphabetic list of publications published in the series since 1995

Adolf Černý : bibliografický soupis publikovaných prací / Radoslava Hnízdová
Adolf Černý : a Bibliographic Synopsis of Published Works / Radoslava Hnízdová

1st ed. - Prague, 1998. - 180 p. - (Bibliografie Slovanské knihovny; 54) - ISBN 80-7050-271-1

The bibliography captures all the works by an eminent Czech Slavist, Adolf Černý (1864-1952, literary pseudonym Jan Rokyta), published in books and journals. His work represents one of the pinnacles of Czech Slavistics. The bibliography contains over 2000 entries.

Price: 80,- CZK


Alfréd Ljudvigovič Bém : (1886-1945?) : bibliografie / uspořádaly a úvodní studii napsaly Miluša Bubeníková a Lucie Vachalovská

Alfred Liudvigovich Bem : (1886-1945?) : bibliography / edited and foreword written by Miluša Bubeníková and Lucie Vachalovská

1st ed. - Prague, 1995. - 110 p., il. - (Bibliografie Slovanské knihovny; 50) - ISBN 80-7050-200-2

A selected bibliography of works by A. L. Bém, a scholar and thinker, and an eminent member of Russian emigration in the between-the-wars Czechoslovakia

Out of print


Cyrilské a hlaholské staré tisky v českých knihovnách : katalog / zpracovala Františka Sokolová

Cyrillic and Glagolitic old prints in Czech libraries / ed. by Františka Sokolová

1st ed. - Prague, 1997. - 426 p. - (Bibliografie Slovanské knihovny; 53) - ISBN 80-7050-258-4

A synopsis of all the rare prints written in Cyrillic or Glagolitic alphabet. Apart from its informational value, it plays a certain role in the compilation of the union catalogue of these prints.

Price: 120,- CZK

Further information (PDF)
Further information - in Russian (PDF)


Česká slavistická produkce : bibliografie za léta 1998-2002 / zpracovaly Zdeňka Rachůnková a Michaela Řeháková

Czech Slavistic Production : Bibliography 1998-2002 / edited by Zdeňka Rachůnková and Michaela Řeháková

1st ed. - Prague, 2003. - 250 p. - (Bibliografie Slovanské knihovny; 62) - ISBN 80-7050-423-4

A bibliography of the original Slavistic literature published in the period between XII. and XIII. International Congress of Slavists. The edition of a such complete bibliography on Slavonic production has launched a tradition of regulary publishing handbooks for slavists all over the word in the Slavonic Library.

Price: 100,- CZK


Československo-jihoslovanská liga (1921–1929) a Československo-jihoslovanská revue (1930–1939). Bibliografie časopisůsestavila a úvodní studii napsala Kateřina Kolářová

• Czechoslovak-South Slavic League (1921–1929) and Czechoslovak-South Slavic Review (1930–1939). A Bibliography of Journalscompiled and edited by Kateřina Kolářová

1st ed.– Prague, 2022 – 354 p. – (Bibliografie Slovanské knihovny; 82) – ISBN 978-80-7050-757-5

The publication, edited by Slavist and Balkanist PhDr. Kateřina Kolářová, DiS., focuses on one chapter of the rich Czechoslovak-South Slavic (Yugoslavian) cultural relations in the interwar period – the publication of the journals Czechoslovak-South Slavic League (1921–1929) and Czechoslovak-South Slavic Revue (1930–1939).

In the first part of the volume the author presents the history of Pan-Slavic societies in interwar Czechoslovakia. It primarily focuses on the Czechoslovak-South Slavic League, which was one of the main promoters of the development and deepening of mutual (chiefly) cultural contacts in Czechoslovakia at the time. Among its miscellaneous activities the publication of the journal Československo-jihoslovanská liga in the 1920s, renamed Československo-jihoslovanská revue in the 1930s, stands out. The book describes the structure of both journals, their thematic content, and the main figures associated with their preparation.

The second part of the book – the bibliography – is introduced by an extensive editorial note. The bibliographies of both journals themselves contain a total of 4,475 entries. The volume also includes a list of identified authorial marks and a name index.

Price: 359,- CZK

Further information (PDF)

Ivan Aleksejevič Bunin: bibliografija originalnych knižnych izdanij (1891–1990) / sost. Jitka Křesálková
• Ivan Alekseyevich Bunin: Bibliography of Original Book Publications (1891-1990)
/ Jitka Křesálková (ed.)

1st ed. – Prague, 2007. – 503 p. – (Bibliografie Slovanské knihovny; 70) – ISBN 978-80-7050-522-9

Bibliography of works of the key Russian writer I. A. Bunin presents truly unique and comprehensive chronological list of bibliographical records of all Bunin’s books and their contents. The publication also contains several indexes of Bunin’s literary work: index of journalistic works, memoirs and published correspondence, index of published books and index of translations. It is an important source of information for literary scholars and historians dealing with the final period of the Tsar regime in Russia and especially with the activities of the post-revolutionary literary exile. The book is in Russian.

Price: 130,- CZK

Further information in Czech (PDF)

Ivan Aleksejevič Bunin: bibliografija pervych izdanij v gazetach, žurnalach, literaturno-chudožestvennych aľmanachach i sbornikach (1887–1987) / sost. Jitka Kržesalkova; sost. ukazatelej Michaela Ržegakova
Ivan Alekseyevich Bunin: a List of Publications First Appearing in Newspapers, Journals, Belles-lettres Almanacs and Various Collections (1887–1987) / Jitka Křesálková (ed.), index compiled by Michaela Řeháková

1st ed. – Prague, 2011. – 335 p. – (Bibliografie Slovanské knihovny; 76) – ISBN 978-80-7050-592-2

The Russian language bibliography records publications of I. A. Bunin, a prominent Russian writer, as they first appeared in the years 1887–1987 in newspapers, journals, belles-lettres almanacs and other numerous collections. It contains 1861 bibliographic entries with index of Bunin’s prose and poetry and a list of used sources.

Price: 120,- CZK

Further information (PDF)


Jaroslav Bidlo (1868–1937) a Milada Paulová (1891–1970): bibliografie publikovaných prací / sestavili a úvodní studie napsali Jan Boháček, Daniela Brádlerová, Marek Ďurčanský, Jiřina Urbanová

Jaroslav Bidlo (1868–1937) a Milada Paulová (1891–1970): A Bibliographies of Published Works / compiled and edited by Jan Boháček, Daniela Brádlerová, Marek Ďurčanský, Jiřina Urbanová

1st ed. – Prague, 2024 – 142 p. – (Bibliografie Slovanské knihovny; 84) – ISBN 978-80-7050-782-7

Jaroslav Bidlo (1868–1937) and Milada Paulová (1891–1970) are two of the founding figures of Czech historical Slavic studies. Their contribution to the knowledge of the history of Eastern and Central Eastern Europe has not yet been fully appreciated. More systematic research on their works has mainly focused on monographs. However, the bibliography compiled shows that they were also authors of shorter pieces, including intensive reviewing, journalism, or the writing of encyclopaedic entries. In addition, many of their texts were published in periodicals that are hardly available and little known now.

Personal bibliographies are supplemented by studies placing the work of both figures in the context of their lives and professional careers. In both cases, these were mainly connected with Charles University in Prague, but they also included activities in scientific societies, especially the Institute of Slavonic Studies and the Royal Bohemian Society of Sciences. Moreover, the bibliographies clearly show a major involvement of the personalities in the creation of the content of some scientific periodicals (Český časopis historický [Czech Historical Review], Časopis Matice moravské [Journal of the Moravian Foundation]) or directly in their editing (Časopis Národního muzea [Journal of the National Museum], Byzantinoslavica).

Price: 290,- CZK

Further information (PDF)

Josef Macůrek / Ctibor Nečas

Josef Macůrek / Ctibor Nečas

1st ed. - Prague, 1998. - 74 p. - (Bibliografie Slovanské knihovny; 55) - ISBN 80-7050-284-3

A publication devoted to an eminent Czech Slavist and historian, Josef Macůrek, who studied history of Slavs and Eastern Europe. In addition to a bibliographic listing of all Macůrek's works and literature on his life and work, it contains an Introductory Study.

Price: 40,- CZK


Katalog starých ruských tisků z fondů Slovanské knihovny tištěných azbukou. Díl I: 1710-1775 / Sestavila Františka Sokolová
Catalogue of Russian Early Printed Books from the Slavonic Library Collections Printed in the Cyrillic. 1st Volume: 1710-1775 / edited by Františka Sokolová

1st ed. - Prague, 2004. - 376 p. - (Bibliografie Slovanské knihovny; 65) - ISBN 80-7050-411-0

The catalogue contains records of 413 old Russian prints in Cyrillic between 1710-1775 from the Slavonic Library collections. The majority of them used to be a part of Alexander F. Smirdin's (a bookseller and publisher from St. Petersburg) collection that now belongs to the Slavonic Library collections. An appendix of the book contains a reprint of Ivan Savitsky's bibliographical flyer „Vol’noe ekonomicheskoe obshchestvo 1765-1965“ („Free Economic Society 1765-1965“) and plenty of images.

Price: 100,- CZK

Further information (PDF)
Further information – in Russian (PDF)


Katalog starých ruských tisků z fondů Slovanské knihovny tištěných azbukou. Díl II: 1776–1787 / Sestavila Františka Sokolová
Catalogue of Russian Early Printed Books from the Slavonic Library Collections Printed in the Cyrillic. 2nd Volume: 1776–1787 / edited by Františka Sokolová

1st ed. - Prague, 2008. - 441 p. - (Bibliografie Slovanské knihovny; 71) - ISBN 978-80-7050-542-7

The second volume of the catalogue of old Russian prints in Cyrillic from the Slavonic Library collections contains the records published between 1776-1787. Similar to the first volume, most of its contents are selected from the library of Alexander F. Smirdin, who was a bookseller and publisher from St. Petersburg. The bibliography includes 480 titles. In the appendix are found a reprint of V. O. Klyuchevskys „Vospominaniye o N. N. Novikove i ego vremeni“ („Memories of N. N. Novikov and His Era“) and plenty of images.

Price: 100,- CZK

Further information (PDF)
Further information – in Russian (PDF)


Katalog starých ruských tisků z fondů Slovanské knihovny tištěných azbukou. Díl III: 1788–1795 / Sestavila Františka Sokolová

Catalogue of Russian Early Printed Books from the Slavonic Library Collections Printed in the Cyrillic. 3rd Volume: 1788–1795 / edited by Františka Sokolová

1st ed - Prague, 2014. - 441 p. - (Bibliografie Slovanské knihovny; 81) - ISBN 978-80-7050-632-5

The third volume of the catalogue of Russian early printed books in the collections of the Slavonic Library printed in Cyrillic comprises titles published in the period of radical historical, political and cultural changes – during the French Revolution. Like the first two volumes of the series, also this one draws mainly on the library of Alexander F. Smirdin, a bookseller and publisher from St Petersburg, which is part of the collections of the Slavonic Library. The bibliography contains records of 491 titles issued in 1788–1795. The volume includes 13 visual supplements, an index, references and a list of abbreviations.

Price: 150,- CZK

Further information (PDF)
Further information – in Russian (PDF)

Katalog starých ruských tisků z fondů Slovanské knihovny tištěných azbukou. Díl IV. Knihy (1796–1800), ruská periodika 18. století / Sestavily Olga Leshkova a Rita Lyons Kindlerová

Catalogue of Russian Early Printed Books from the Slavonic Library Collections Printed in the Cyrillic. 4th Volume. Books (1795–1800), Russian Periodicals Produced in the 18th Century / edited by Olga Leshkova a Rita Lyons Kindlerová

1st ed - Prague, 2023. - 549 p. - (Bibliografie Slovanské knihovny; 84) - ISBN 978-80-7050-784-1

The fourth (final) volume of the Russian early printed books catalogue is derived from Slavonic Library’s collection of books printed in Cyrillic. Specifically, this volume contains information about books published in Russia in the final years of the 18th century (1796–1800). This period, roughly corresponding to the reign of Tsar Paul I (1796–1801), was very unfavourable for printing, the book trade, and written and literary production. This was due to the introduction of strict censorship and a system of state control over literature. This era culminated in a complete ban on importing books and periodicals into Russia and a prohibition on the operation of private printing houses.

This fourth volume begins with a scientific study of materials from the A.F. Smirdin collection housed in the Slavonic Library, Prague. This introductory study examines problems associated with book printing, the book trade, and publishing in Russia between 1796 and 1800. The study also outlines the legacy of A. F. Smirdin (1795–1857): a prominent Russian bookseller, publisher, bibliographer and bibliophile.

In addition to a bibliography of 216 titles for the 1796–1800 period, the fourth volume of this catalogue also contains an inventory of Russian periodicals produced in the 18th century that currently form part of the collections of the Slavonic Library (46 titles), visual supplements and a summary index of all four published volumes.

Price: 230,- CZK

Further information – in Czech, English and Russian (PDF)

Mezinárodní sjezdy slavistů – bibliografie publikovaných příspěvků
International Congress of Slavists – bibliographies of published contributions

The bibliographies gather bibliographic records on papers, co-papers, congress proceedings, material lists of analytical articles, which were presented at the individual Congresses of Slavists. The bibliographies are published in an edition series established upon a suggestion of the International Committee of Slavists.

Petr Nikolajevich Savitskii (1895–1968): bibliografiia opublikovannykh rabot / sost. i avtor vvedeniia Martin Beisswenger
Petr Nikolaevich Savitskii (1895–1968): A bibliography of his published works / edited and introduced by Martin Beisswenger

1st ed. – Prague, 2008 – 111 p. – (Bibliografie Slovanské knihovny; 72) – ISBN 978-80-7050-543-4

A bibliography of works of an economist, geographer and historian, the leading representative of the interwar Eurasian Movement, Petr Nikolaevich Savitskii (1895–1968), contains all his texts published between 1913–2005. It consists of 312 records of books, articles, reviews, lectures and shorter news and commentaries as well. A separate chapter contains entries written by Savitskii for various encyclopedias. The book also includes a comprehensive chronological summary of Savitskii’s life and work, a list of journals he contributed to and an index of titles. The front cover keeps the tradition of the graphical style of Eurasian Movement publications.

Price: 40,- CZK

Further information (PDF)


Práce ruské, ukrajinské a běloruské emigrace vydané v Československu 1918 - 1945 : (bibliografie s biografickými údaji o autorech) / bibliografii zpracovaly Zdeňka Rachůnková a Michaela Řeháková ; biografická hesla zpracoval Jiří Vacek za spolupráce a redakce Zdeňky Rachůnkové a Michaely Řehákové
The works of the Russian, Ukrainian and Byelorussian emigrants published in Czechoslovakia 1918-1945 : (a bibliography with bibliographic data about the authors) / the bibliography was edited by Zdeňka Rachůnková and Michaela Řeháková; biographic entries ed. by Jiří Vacek with the collaboration and editorship of Z. Rachůnková and M. Řeháková

1st ed. - Prague, 1996. - Part I, Vol.1: 424 p. - Part I, Vol.2: p. 427-849. - Part I, Vol.3: p. 853-1472 - (Bibliografie Slovanské knihovny; 52) - ISBN 80-7050-246-0

Part I of the bibliographic production written and published by emigrants in Czechoslovakia in both original and translations. It covers book publications, anthologies, and periodicals and all the production of immigrant publishing houses in Czechoslovakia.

Price: 200,- CZK

Further information (PDF)
Further information – in Russian (PDF)


Půl tisíciletí česko-chorvatských literárních vztahů / Dušan Karpatský

Half a milenium of Czech-Croatian literature relations in mutual translations / Dušan Karpatský

1st ed. - Prague, 2002. - 61 p. - (Bibliografie Slovanské knihovny; 59) - ISBN 80-7050-405-6

Published on the occasion of the exhibition, which was set up by the National Library and Slavonic Library, the National and University Library in Zagreb, Embassy of the Croatian Republic in the Czech Republic and by the aegis of Mr. Stjepan Mesic, the president of the Croatian Republic.

A publication comprises articles which compile Czech - Croatian literature relations and the bibliography of translations (Croatian literature into the Czech language and Czech literature into the Croatian one).

Price: 30,- CZK


Ruská literatura v českých překladech (1990-2001) / sestavil Jiří Vacek

The Russian Literature in Czech Translations (1990-2001) /compiled by Jiří Vacek

1. vyd. – Praha, 2002. - 45 s. – (Bibliografie Slovanské knihovny; 60) - ISBN 80-7050-392-0

A Summary of the Russian book translations into Czech published during the period 1990-2001.

Out of print


Russkij zagraničnyjistoričeskij archiv v Prage – dokumentacija. Katalog sobranij dokumentov, chranjaščichsja v pražskoj Slavjanskoj biblioteke i v Gosudarstvennom archive Rossijskoj Federacii / Sost. Lukaš Babka, Anastasija Kopršivova, Lidija Petruševa
•Ruský zahraniční historický archiv v Praze – provozní dokumenty (registratura). Katalog sbírek uložených v pražské Slovanské knihovně a ve Státním archivu Ruské federace / Sest. Lukáš Babka, Anastasia Kopřivová, Lidija Petruševa
• Russian Historical Archive Abroad in Prague – operational documents (registry). Catalogue of collections housed in the Prague Slavonic Library and in the State Archive of the Russian Federation / Lukáš Babka, Anastasia Kopřivová, Lidija Petruševa (eds.)

1st ed. – Prague, 2011 – 564 s. – (Bibliografie Slovanské knihovny; 77) – ISBN 978-80-7050-600-4

The publication in Czech and Russian contains an inventory list of the collection of operational documents (registry) of the Russian Historical Archive Abroad (Russkii zagranichnii istoricheskii arkhiv – RZIA) now housed in the Prague Slavonic Library and in the State Archive of the Russian Federation in Moscow. The Archive existed between the years 1923 and 1945 in Prague, which was then one of the main centers of Russian emigration. Due to its composition, the RZIA has become world-wide unique resource. Its collections contained archival documents, books and periodicals on Russian emigration, Russian revolutionary movement and the development of the Soviet Union. This publication facilitates for the first time systematic mapping of the Russian Historical Archive Abroad workings and its fate between the two World Wars.

Price: 250,- CZK


Slovanský přehled: 1981-1997 : bibliografický soupis

The Slavonic review : 1981-1997 : the bibliographic list

1st ed. - Prague, 1999. - 204 p. - (Bibliografie Slovanské knihovny; 57) - ISBN 80-7050-333-5

The bibliographic list of the all articles, materials, documents, memoirs, reminiscences, critiques and reports published in the Slavonic review Journal during its 17 volumes. Published with 100th anniversary of the existence of the Journal as a continuation of the previous lists of the 1898-1967 and 1968-1980 years.

Price: 100,- CZK


Soupis pramenů k dějinám národů Ruska, Ukrajiny a Běloruska do roku 1945 z archivů České republiky
The List of sources for History of the Russian, Ukrainian, and Belorussian nations until 1945 from archives of the Czech Republic

The Editorial Series covers archive documents related to Russia, Ukraine, and Belorussia until 1945 stored in archives of the Czech Republic. The series had originated in cooperation with Ministry of the Interior - Administration of Archives Department where archive searches have been processed.


Soupis publikací vydaných Slovanskou knihovnou (1924-2004) : vydáno k 80. výročí činnosti Slovanské knihovny / sestavili Michaela Řeháková a Lukáš Babka
The List of the Slavonic Library’s publications (1924-2004): published on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the Slavonic Library activities / compiled by Michaela Řeháková and Lukáš Babka

1st ed. Prague, 2005. - 29 pp. - (Bibliografie Slovanské knihovny; 67) - ISBN 80-7050-459-5

A complete bibliography of Slavonic Library’s publications that have appeared between the years 1924 (in this year the Slavonic Library was established) and 2004. Published on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the Library.

Out of print

Online version of the publication


Ukrajinská literatura v českém kontextu v letech 1965-1994 / Bohdan Zilynskyj

Ukrainian Literature in the Czech Context : 1965-1994 / Bohdan Zilynskyj

1st ed. - Prague, 2000. - 305 p. - (Bibliografie Slovanské knihovny; 58) - ISBN 80-7050-298

A continuation of the magazine "One hundred and fifty years of Czech-Ukrainian literary relations" published in 1968, which presents the basic tool for all interested in Ukrainistics. Beside introductory studies on the Czech-Ukraininan literary and cultural contacts it also contains a series of bibliographical lists covering the period 1965-1994.

Price: 90,- CZK


Úlety a troufalá falza Zdenky Bergrové : bibliografie 1945-2005 / uspořádala Hana Opleštilová

Bibliography 1945-2005 of Zdenka Bergrová / edited by Hana Opleštilová

1st ed. - Prague, 2005. - 114 p. - (Bibliografie Slovanské knihovny; 68) - ISBN 80-7050-474-9

The complete bibliography of Zdenka Bergrová, the poetess a and translator. In her translations she mainly concentrated on the work of Russian and Ukrainian authors like A.S. Pushkin, M.J. Lermontov, N.A. Nekrasov and T. Shevchenko.

Price: 50,- CZK


Z církevněslovanských rukopisů Národní knihovny v Praze a Slovanské knihovny : soupis a popis / Josef Vašica; k vydání připravila Zoe Hauptová a Helena Rudlovčáková
From the Church-Slavonic manuscripts in the Slavonic Library and National Library in Prague : a synopsis and description / Josef Vašica ; edited by Zoe Hauptová and Helena Rudlovčáková

1st ed. - Prague, 1995. - 195 p. - (Bibliografie Slovanské knihovny; 51) - ISBN 90-7050-189-8

A book published to commemorate the 110th anniversary of the birth of an eminent Czech slavist. The works by J. Vasica brought a number of breakthroughs concerning Old Slavonic legal, homiletic, and lithurgic documents. He focused on Old Czech Bible and on the literature of Czech post-White-Mountain Baroque.

Out of print

Apr 04, 2024
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