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International Congresses of Slavists

Since 1973, the Slavonic Library has participated in the organisation of international congresses of Slavists. In that year, it was entrusted by the International Committee of Slavists to function as the centre for recording and processing materials related to international congresses of Slavists.

The library regularly collects bibliographic records of the materials, papers, supplementary papers, congress proceedings, articles and essays presented at individual congresses or published on their occasion, and subsequently prepares their bibliographies. The Slavonic Library published bibliographies in book form retrospectively back to 1st International Congress in 1929 and concluded the printed form of the bibliographies with the publication of the volume dedicated to the 13th International Congress of Slavists, organised in 2003.

In cooperation with the East European Department of the Berlin State Library, the Slavonic Library in 2011 created an electronic database of international congresses of Slavists, BibSlavKon, containing the presented and published conference papers of all implemented congresses (with the exception of the last one, the data from which are still being collected). The database is part of the Portal für Slavistik project.

Lists of scientific Slavic Studies journals registered by the International Committee of Slavists in 2018 (prepared on the occasion of the 16th International Congress of Slavists, Belgrade, 20–27 August 2018)

Feb 25, 2019
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