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The Library of J. Šlebinger

The grammar of Slovene written in German by Marko Pohlin in 1768 meant a rebirth of Slovene literature

The essential items in the library of the Slovenian bibliographer, journalist, and long-term director of the National and University Library in Ljubljana, Janko Šlebinger (1876–1951), are works of Slovenian national revivalists, the first editions of classic authors of Slovenian poetry and prose of the 19th and early 20th centuries, mostly in their original binding (e.g. Poezije Francéta Prešérna, Ljubljana 1847, etc.).

The library also contains both editions of the Slovenian grammar by the prominent revivalist Marko Pohlin (Kraynska gramatika, Ljubljana 1768, 1781).

Aug 23, 2015
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