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Cataloguing in publication

Among other professional activities, the National Library of the Czech Republic also secures the so-called CIP (Cataloguing in Publication). This activity dates back to 1992 and its objective is to allow the access to the latest information about the published book titles, above all, for the professional public, i.e. for libraries and similar institutions. It is intended to help them to carry on responsible acquisition policy.

CIP is guaranteed by the Library Acquisitions Division of the National Library of the Czech Republic - Dpt. of Name and Subject Description. It consists in forming bibliographic entries comprising all important pieces of information – concerning both form and subject – about the published title. The particular entry is a result of a close cooperation with a large community of publishers, for which, however, it is not obligatory to take part in this programmme. Their cooperation is quite voluntary and free of charge.

Information on the final product of the aforementioned cooperation is available in the printed periodical ´O.K . - Ohlášené knihy (Books Announced to the National ISBN and ISMN Agencies of the Czech Republic) as well as on www pages of the National Library of the Czech Republic O.K. Forthcoming Books (express information).

Renata Poláková

Oct 02, 2012
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