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Periodicals Reading Room Regulations

  1. In order to implement the rights and obligations of the users of the National Library of the Czech Republic (hereinafter referred to as the “National Library”) set forth in the Library Rules of the National Library (hereinafter referred to as the “Library Rules”) when using the Periodicals Reading Room (hereinafter referred to as the “Reading Room”), the following Periodicals Reading Room Regulations (hereinafter referred to as the “Regulations”) are issued. In cases not covered by these Regulations, the Library Rules shall apply.
  2. The user is obliged to follow the Library Rules and to respect the instructions set out in the Regulations or communicated by the National Library staff regarding the situation in question.
  3. The user is obliged to behave respectfully towards other users and the staff of the National Library, in particular, they must not threaten, harass others or restrict their use of the services provided by the National Library. In the event of a violation of these Regulations, the staff is entitled to expel the user from the premises.
  4. Voice communication via mobile phones and other brought-in devices is prohibited in the Reading Room. The use of loudspeakers and sound signalling is not allowed.
  5. Bringing food and beverages into the Reading Room is not allowed, and consumption of food and beverages in the Reading Room is prohibited. Users may deposit them in a locker in the foyer of the cloakroom for the duration of one operating day. Use of the lockers must be in accordance with the Locker Use Regulations in the National Library of the CR. The area of the Reading Room ante-room is not a particular place designated for leaving things brought in or a place typically used to leave such things, within the meaning of the relevant provisions of the Civil Code.
  6. Users are obliged to present their valid library card or their One Day Admission Ticket if they wish to use selected services (studying items kept on hold, access to the Internet, licensed databases, and digital libraries on the basis of a reservation, etc.)
  7. Printed newspapers and magazines from the last 5 years are available in the Reading Room. Users can access information about newspapers and magazines available in the Reading Room via the online catalogue, in the NKC database. Current issues of selected journals are freely available in the Reading Room. Other issues of magazines and daily newspapers are dispatched by the library staff to users on request (except on Saturdays). Users can place their order in person, by telephone or by e-mail. Newspapers and magazines older than 5 years must first be ordered through the catalogues, which are made available in the General Reading Room.
  8. It is also possible to order micro-documents to the Reading Room via the online catalogue, in the NKC database. The library staff will issue these library items to the user at the desk upon presentation of a valid library card. Users may study them exclusively on the technical equipment of the National Library.
  9. The user is obliged to handle borrowed library items with care. A trolley is available for their handling. Mandatory use thereof may be established by the staff. It is not permissible to use library items as writing pads. Any tampering with library items – underlining, highlighting, writing notes, pasting slips, etc. – is also not permitted. No ink, scissors, glue or sharp objects may be brought into the Reading Room. If necessary, they may be requested from the library staff. No luggage larger than a small handbag is allowed on the desks.
  10. The number of items the user can order for on-site loan is limited to 10. Users may place order for new items up to this limit; items kept on hold are included in the limit. In specific cases, the library staff may grant exceptions. The hold period is 14 calendar days; if no other user is interested in the library item, this period can be extended via the online catalogue or on request to the library staff, even repeatedly (except during the review period, usually in the summer, when all items kept on hold are returned to the stacks). For microfilms, it is possible to extend this period via the online catalogue. For other library items, the staff will extend the hold period by agreement.
  11. The user is responsible for the borrowed items for the whole period of time when their library card is deposited with the library staff.
  12. Upon leaving the Reading Room, the user is obliged to return all the items that were issued to them at the desk; the staff will then return their library card. If the user is leaving their workplace only for a short period of time and has their library card on deposit with the library staff, they may use a so-called “pass card” available at the desk, to pass the check point at the National Library entrance; in that case, however, the user remains fully responsible for the items on loan.
  13. Except from the brought in materials, it is only permitted to take out information and promotional materials etc. without the stamp of the National Library.
  14. Users may also access their own (brought in) non-print documents on the Reading Room technical equipment. However, such option is decided by the library staff – users are not entitled to it. Before starting work, users must hand in their valid library card to the library staff. Users are also required to follow the instructions for working with the technical equipment
  15. If the user wishes to make a copy of any printed item or micro-document from the National Library collection, they shall contact the library staff, even if they intend to use a brought-in equipment. With regard to the protection of the collections, there are certain restrictions on making copies in self-service mode (see Library Rules). If copies cannot be made in self-service mode, it is possible to contact the library staff and place an order. If the user wishes to use a tripod and scanner, including handheld one, to make a copy, they should discuss their intention with the library staff. In such case they shall submit a written declaration of use of the copy for research or private study purposes to the library staff; the form is available on request from the library staff. Under no circumstances may intense light be used in the Reading Room. The prices of copies are subject to the current Fees and Services Price List of the National Library (hereinafter referred to as the “Price List”).
  16. From computers located in the Reading Room, users can access selected online licensed databases and other resources of the National Library. Users with a valid library card can make a reservation for working with the Internet and licensed databases for 1 hour per day or working with digital libraries for 2 hours per day. Users may print from selected resources, from the Internet and from their own files by arrangement with the library staff. The prices of copies are subject to the current Price List.
  17. By agreement with the library staff the user may use a laptop computer in selected seats in the Reading Room. The National Library provides access to the electricity network within the available capacity. Users are not allowed to connect to the communication network of the National Library under any circumstances.
  18. Internet access is available in the Reading Room on the library devices and via the wireless internet connection. The use of (i) computers and computer connections, (ii) the Internet and electronic information resources, and (iii) the provision of wireless Internet access (Wi-Fi) services is subject to the National Library rules and regulations currently in force.


Prague, 29 May 2023


Mgr. Lenka Maixnerová
Deputy Director for Library Collections and Services
National Library of the Czech Republic

Jun 14, 2023
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