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Changes to Library Rules from 1 April 2024

On 1 April 2024, the new Library Rules of the National Library of the Czech Republic come into force.

The Library Rules valid from 1 April 2024 redefine the terms library document, service (e.g. library staff), pre-registered user and unregistered user. Compared to the existing Library Rules, the terms registered user and Visitor Regulations are further modified, and the term Operating Regulations is added.

Registration and one-day tickets

  • The format of the registration form is changed and the text of the Agreement on the Provision of Library and Information Services is modified. Newly registered users will receive a summary of the Agreement by email from 1 April 2024. If they do not provide an email when registering, they can request a copy of the Agreement in the Main Hall.
  • As of 1 April 2024, the NL CR is also changing the on-site registration procedure. The first step will be to pre-register at the dedicated computers in the Main Hall. Registration will then be completed at counters 1 or 2.
  • The Library Rules include the terms and conditions for remote registration. The NL CR will continue to offer the possibility to register remotely on the basis of a bank identity, a qualified electronic signature, a guaranteed electronic signature based on a qualified certificate and an officially certified signature (these services have so far been provided by the NL CR as an experimental service). From 1 April 2024, remote registration using a data box will also be added.
  • Remotely registered users can apply for their reader card in person in the Main Hall.
  • The Library Rules newly establish the conditions for online renewal of registration, or continue the service provided so far in the experimental service mode. Online registration renewal will be available for a period of 2 years from the end of the last registration period.
  • The terms and conditions of the user's request for deletion have been updated.
  • The obligation of the user to protect the access data to the reader account and remote access is now enshrined in the Library Rules.
  • In the event of a breach of the Library Regulations, the NL CR has the right to suspend the user's right to access the NL CR and to use the services and resources of the NL CR for a period of 6 months. In exceptional situations, the NL CR will have the option of permanently denying the user the provision of services.
  • A one-day admission ticket is issued at the user's request and is intended primarily for access to a restricted part of the library and to tour its premises. In the event that the user has been deprived of the right of access to the NL CR for serious reasons, it does not serve as a substitute for the denied services.

Services of the NL CR

  • An overview of all services provided by the NL CR is given in Annex 1 of the Library Rules. The services are redefined in relation to individual user groups (registered users, visitors and course participants, non-registered users accessing NL CR services outside the building, libraries).
  • Use of selected services will be subject to valid registration and presentation of a valid reader card.
  • Users and visitors may enter the premises with the authorised entry only with a dog only if it is an assistance dog accompanying a disabled person. In this case, the user / visitor must present a valid dog licence when entering the premises with authorised entry only. The dog should also be tagged.

Off-site loans

  • Effective April 1, 2024, a borrowing slip will no longer be signed when borrowing outside the library (off-site loans). The information in the user's reader account will therefore be decisive, i.e. which library items the user has loaded in his/her reader account as a loan.
  • The number of borrowed library items off-site is increased from 10 to 20.
  • Part of the Library Rules is the establishment of the conditions under which citizens of the Czech Republic and other countries may obtain the right of absentee borrowing. For citizens of EU countries, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein, the NL CR thus builds on the already existing possibilities provided from 1 May 2022 in experimental operation.
  • The new Library Rules already anticipate the possibility of self-service off-site loans. In connection with the possibility of self-service return of off-site loans, the obligation to pay fees and damages incurred even after the library unit has been deducted from the reader account will be enshrined.
  • The conditions are changed in the event that a registered user fails to return off-site loans and is sent a pre-charge notice - on the date of sending the pre-charge notice, the registered user's obligation to return the library unit changes into an obligation to pay the NL CR financial compensation for the unreturned library unit calculated according to the Price List. Payment of the late fee does not relieve the registered user of the obligation to pay any damages.

On-site loans

  • The specific conditions of the off-site loans (e.g. how many library items and for how long a user can reserve in the reading room) are now determined by the Visitor Regulations of the individual reading rooms and this information has been deleted from the Library Rules.

Interlibrary loan services

  • The Library Rules now specify the conditions under which interlibrary loan services are provided from the collection of the NL CR. It also allows interlibrary loan services (photoduplication) for remotely registered users.
  • Following the instructions of the supplying library, it allows access to library units obtained through international interlibrary loan services also for off-site loan. The NL CR reserves the right to set the on-site mode for a specific library item.
  • The terms and conditions of interlibrary loan services have been clarified in the area of returning library items and user responsibility.



  • Maximum sizes of checked-in baggage will be posted at turnstiles from 1 April 2024. It will continue to be the case that luggage exceeding the permitted size will have to be left in the cloakroom or in lockers in the cloakroom area.
  • From 1 April 2024, not only will smoking of conventional cigarettes be banned in the interior of the NL CR and the Vine Courtyard, but also the use of electronic cigarettes or similar devices.


The services no longer provided by the NL CR will be cancelled

  • on-site and off-site loans of e-readers
  • eDDO (electronic delivery of documents)
  • circulation and current services
  • the possibility of exceptional off-site loans on the basis of financial security

Price list

As of 1 April 2024, selected items in the Fees and Services Price List of the NL CR will change, as well as part of its structure.

  • registration fee
    • for persons aged 26-69 years, the price increases to 200 CZK for on-site registration
    • for remote registration it increases to 200 CZK
  • international interlibrary loan services - the fee for delivery of a loan from abroad will now be based on the country of delivery
    • delivery from Europe outside the UK – 250 CZK
    • delivery from the UK and countries outside Europe - 450 CZK
  • Copies and prints made to order - the price for copies and prints made to order will be standardised
    • black and white copy/print, 1 A4 page - 12 CZK
    • black and white copy/print, 1 page A3 - 14 CZK
    • colour copy/print, 1 A4 page – 17 CZK
    • colour copy/print, 1 A3 page - 25 CZK
  • digital copies (scans) on order - the price for scans at 200 and 300 dpi resolution is increased and a new contract price for increased scan quality at 400 / 600 dpi resolution is introduced
    • 200 dpi scan (user quality) - 16 CZK
    • 300 dpi scan (user quality) - 24 CZK
    • 400 / 600 dpi scan (print quality) - 100 CZK (contract price - extended scan quality)
  • sending a reminder by post (ordinary letter) - the actual fee will be charged

    Orders for making copies and prints, digital copies and international interlibrary loan services placed before 31 March 2024 will be charged according to the Fees and Services Price List of the NL CR valid at the time of placing the order.

The structure of the annexes to the Library Regulations is also being changed

  • Annex No. 1: List of services provided by the NL CR
  • Annex No. 2: List of services provided by the NL CR for users and visitors with disabilities
  • Annex No. 3: Registration form Annex No. 4: Conditions for remote registration
  • Annex No. 5: Conditions for online renewal / renewal of registration
  • Annex No. 6: Conditions for granting the right to off-site loan service and the authorization of the user of the Scholars' Reading Room
  • Annex No. 7: Fees and Services Price List of the NL CR
  • Annex No. 8: Rules for the use of electronic information resources and digital libraries
  • Annex No. 9: Protection of personal data
  • Annex No.10: Use of computing technology, internet and information resources
  • Annex No. 11: Rules for the provision of reprographic services in the NL CR
Mar 31, 2024
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