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The Scholars´ Reading Room

LOCATION Ground floor, cross aisle at the end of the main lobby, door no. 35
TELEPHONE 221 663 236
221 663 111 (operator)
  The Scholars´ Reading Room is open to scholars, university teachers and researchers and others (as stipulated in detail in the Scholars‘ Reading Room Regulations). Proof of professional status (workplace ID, letter of recommendation, etc.) is required.
RULES The Scholars‘ Reading Room Regulations (in Czech only)
  •  the reference library contains approximately 6 500 volumes on literary history and theory, linguistics and the arts, and general encyclopedias and language and subject dictionaries
  • the NL databases and subscribed online databases as well as the access to the Internet are available through computer working station
  • small selection of newspapers
  •  you will find shelf marks of the Reading Room collection in OPAC (records with a note „in reading room – SCHOLARS READ.ROOM“; items with a note „open shelves“ – you may pick yourselves, for items with a note „at the desk“ please ask the librarian)
  • two computer network working stations are available in the Reading Room that offer access to the NL electronic catalogue as well as to the Union Catalogue CASLIN (OPAC – databases NKC, SKK etc.)
  • author/title card catalogue of the collection (publications up to the year of publication 1997)
  • classified card catalogue of the collection (publications up to the year of publication 1997)
  • delivery of the printed items of the NL Collection for the in-house use (from the year of publication 1801)
  • reservation of materials (for up to 30 days)
  • delivery of materials used under special protection régime and of the items of the 19th Century Conservation Collection
    NOTE: The use of these materials is subject to special rules and to limited hours.
  • use of materials from the Reading Room reference collection
    o for your convenience publications are mostly on open shelves
    o ask the librarian for the ones shelved at the desk
  • referral and consulting services
  • photoduplication orders
  • Wi Fi connection to the Internet
  • the registered user may hire a box or a mobile container under lock for storage of personal belongings – details are available here (so far, in Czech only)

Librarian in charge: Mrs. Lenka Kločková

Zdeněk Matušík

Sep 18, 2012
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