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How to use the digital library

The NL CR makes many documents in the electronic form accessible to its users. In addition to the licensed databases, it also provides digitised versions of documents from its collections.

The National Digital Library
The objective of the National Digital Library is to preserve and make accessible national cultural heritage contained in the collections of the National Library of the CR and the Moravian Land Library. For more about the project see here.

The National Digital Library includes:

The digital library Manuscriptorium is freely accessible without restrictions. The access to documents contained in Kramerius and Webarchive systems is possible to the full extent only on selected computers in the NL building.  Free access to the documents, contained in these systems, on other computers (also outside the NL building), is only possible on the condition that it is in accordance with the Copyright Law.

Electronic books
Access to both Czech and foreign licensed electronic books is allowed only to the NL registered users. E-books contained in the ebrary database can be used also through remote access.

  • the project E-books to Every Library – access to electronic versions of new Czech titles of the Academia Publishers (only on selected computers in the Reference Centre)
  • ProQuest Ebook Central – electronic library of specialist foreign publications (it is allowed for download into portable electronic devices)
Mar 07, 2019
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