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Social and Natural Sciences Reading Room


LOCATION Ground floor, room no. 24-26 (next to the General Reading Room)






TELEPHONE 221 663 146
221 663 111 (operator)


Anybody with a valid National Library card, or admission ticket, may use the Social and Natural Sciences Reading Room.

Social and Natural Sciences Reading Room Regulations
  • almost ten thousand volumes of encyclopedias, handbooks and a selection of Czech and foreign-language monographs, mainly in the humanities and social and natural sciences
  • Licensed online databases (available through Wi-Fi) including 
    • the National Library databases and a selection of other resources are accessible on a LAN working station
  • making available of library items - microdocuments (microfilms and microfiche), electronic documents (especially CD-ROMs) (partially made available), audio documents (in special cases also video recordings)
    - there is a maximum limit of 10 library items (see Section 12 of the Social and Natural Sciences Reading Room Regulations)
    The hold period is 14 calendar days. If no other user is interested in the library item, this period can be extended via the online catalogue or on request to library staff, or via e-mail or phone, even repeatedly
  • use of materials from the Reading Room Reference Collection


Librarian in charge: Martin Růžička

Eva Němcová

Jan 11, 2024
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