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How to get a copy

The NL users can make self-service black and white photocopies on paper from:

Making photocopies is subject to fees. Prices vary according to the type of copy (see the Price List).

Self-service copies
Self-service copy machines that also serve for making prints from computers, are placed in the Main Hall, Social and Natural Sciences Reading Room, Reference Centre, and Periodicals Reading Room. The copy machines allow you to make black and white photocopies  in A4 and A3 formats.

Copies to order
Parts of (printed) documents are not allowed for self-service copying due to their age or physical condition. In this case, you can order the copies, for more information turn to library staff in particular reading room. Color copies of documents from the NL collections or licensed databases are only made to order.

It is allowed to make digital copies from printed documents with a digital camera brought in, which will be intended for personal use only. The use of flash is prohibited, a tripod may be used under conditions laid down in advance.

Copies can also be ordered without personal visit in the NL :

You do not need a valid reader pass for ordering copies this way, the ordered copies can either be collected in the NL or sent by post to the given address.

Apr 05, 2024
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