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Book Donation of Margo Paran

Margo Paran was born in 1946 in Kadaň, Czechoslovakia. Subsequently, her family emigrated to Israel where as an adult she became an established painter and poet. There have been several exhibitions of her artwork in the Czech Republic, including one in her hometown of Kadaň. In 2010, in Kadaň, she had a poetry reading: her verses also featured in a local Poetry Jukebox alongside other literary texts associated with the city.

Moreover, some poems have been translated into Czech and appeared in a volume entitled And I Saw. This translation was undertaken by Jiřina Šedinová, a prominent translator of modern Israeli literature, as part of a literary seminar with students of Hebrew studies at the Faculty of Arts, Charles University, Prague. Margo Paran donated this poetry collection and several other books to the National Library of the Czech Republic.

Donated books:

Ve-ra'iti =A viděla jsem = And I saw /Margo Paran ; tirgum ha-širim le-čechit al jedej Jirina Šedjinova
Atlit : Sifrej Gezuterah, 2011

Mi-beten ha-ir ha-agula :širim, sipurim kcarim ve-cijurim /Margo Paran
ʿAtlit : Sifre Gezuzṭerah,[2008]

Lindod acharej remazim ktanim :širim, sipurim, ve-cijurim /Margo Paran
ʿAtlit : Sifre Gezuzṭerah,[2006]

Pa'am haju ba-Kišon /Margo Paran
[Israel] : Sifre ʿIton 77,2004

Ha makom ha-ze hu šel ha-jamim ha-me'ušarim (o ha-tovim) :hitrašmujot = This is the place of the happy days (or the good) : impressions /Margo Paran
Haifa : Sifre Gezuzeṭerah,Kisleṿ 780 = December 2019

Acharej ha-or ha-cahov :širim ve-cijurim = After the yellow light /Margo Paran
Haifa : Sifrei Gezuzterah,[2013]

Kolnoa ba-kikar :širim ve-cijurim /Margo Paran
Title on page facing title page: Cinema at the square: poems and paintings
[Israel] : Gezuzterah books,[2010]

Prague and the Vltava River, woodcut, 40cm

Mar 04, 2024, HOLAN
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