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Books are difficult to display

September 14 – October 27, Exhibition corridor, ground floor:Monday to Saturday:  9 am – 7 pm
Admission 10 CZK (the NL readers free)

Opening ceremony Photogallery

An open cycle of exhibitions Books are Difficult to Display is focused on book design. This time curator Martin Tvrdý in association with the Archive of Visual Arts and Elpida o.p.s. decided to draw attention to the work of a leading Czech artist and graphic designer Zdenek Seydl. The display, prepared  as an overview of his work, features his distinct graphic style, known to many Czech readers for instance from children´s books. Presented is also a new book Zdenek Seydl a knihy [Zdenek Seydl and Books].

Nov 07, 2016, HOLAN
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