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Saint Wenceslas in Medieval Comics

March 7 - April 13, 2013, Exhibition corridor, groundfloor, Monday to Saturday: 9 am – 7 pm


The exhibition was prepared by the National Library of the CR and the ADEVA Publishers, Austria. It is focused on the iconography of St. Wenceslas in mediaeval illuminations, thus it features facsimiles and artistic copies on this theme, mainly from the collections of the National Library of the CR. Presented will also be the facsimile of The Life of St. Wenceslas by Matyáš Hutský of Křivoklát, which is published by the ADEVA Publishers in the facsimile edition. 

The exhibition is organised under the auspices of Mag. Natascha Grilj, Cultural Counsellor of the Embassy of Austria and Director of the Austrian Cultural Forum in Prague.

Apr 22, 2013, HOLAN
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