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Exhibitions - October 2012

Preserve! Early Printed Books in the Hands of Restorers.
20 September – 4 November 2012

Opening ceremony - Photogallery

The exhibition presents samples of historical bookbinding before and after the intervention of restorers and it describes the procedures and methods applied. The task of a restorer or conservator is to stop degradation processes and repair the damages caused by natural ageing, frequent use or improper storage and poor handling in the past. The restorer is bound to respect historical value of the restored object, his or her interventions must be reversible and the less intrusive possible to the object.
The exhibited historical bindings were restored for the National Library of the CR and the Museum of Jindřichův Hradec Region by students of the Conservation and Restoration Department, Graphic School Prague (Vyšší odborná škola grafická a Střední průmyslová škola grafická v Praze) as their graduation works.
In addition to the restored objects of art, the exhibition also features samples of student works from present bookbinding and calligraphy as well as copies of unique historical documents.

The Klementinum Gallery – Exhibition Hall (entrance from the Mariánské Square, Gate B2)
Tuesday to Sunday: 10.30 am – 6 pm
Entrance fee: adults 60 CZK; seniors, students 40 CZK; groups over 10 persons 40 CZK/person; children 6-15 years 20 CZK, children up to 6 years free

Queen Dagmar, a Czech Princess
1 October
- 31 October 2012


A Czech version of a panel exhibition that is part of the Project Dagmar800, opened in Danish town Ribe, commemorates the 800th death anniversary of Queen Dagmar, an important historical personality of Czech and Danish relations. Czech history knows Dagmar as Princess Markéta Drahomíra, a daughter of Czech King Přemysl Otakar I and his first wife Adléta Míšeňská and a step-sister of St. Agnes of Bohemia, who married Valdemar II the Victorious (ort he Conqueror).
The exhibition features historical facts as well as legends, written by Czech and Danish historians.

Director´s Corridor on the first floor, Monfay to Friday: 9 am – 5 pm

Tina B. - contemporary art festival
17October – 31 October 2012                   

The seventh year of the TINA B. Festival will take place in several Prague venues, among others also in the Klementinum area. Every year of the festival has its theme characteristic of the entire event.. In 2012, TINA B. will present international art connected with the topic of ART AND HAPPINESS. The works presented in TINA B. 2012,  are intended to evoke positive emotions, smile and feeling of happiness in the audience, trying thus to distract people, at least for a short while, from their everyday worries and allow them to relax surrounded by positive-themed art.

The Klementinum area, Monday to Saturday: 9 am – 7 pm

10 years of European flowering settlements
6 September – 12 October 2012


The exhibition presents an overview of a ten-year participation of Czech representatives in the international competition Entente Florale Europe – European Flowering Settlements and introduces all towns and villages awarded up to the present, including the two competing in this year.
The aim of the competion is to support municipal and local representatives, private companies and individual citizens to collaborate on improving the quality of life for local urban and village communities. To this end it fosters the greening of towns and villages from flowers, shrubs, green spaces and parks, through relax spaces and grounds for sports to tourism and the development that is environmentally and ecologically friendly.
The exhibition is intended for a wide range of visitors. It tries to promote environmental awareness of people and to motivate both local representatives and the individuals to participate in the development of their home towns and villages.

Exhibition corridor, groundfloor, Monday to Saturday: 9 am – 7 pm

Instytut Pamięci Narodowej
10 September – 31 October

The exhibition of a book and periodical production of the IPN, kept in the Slavonic Library  collections, has been completed by Daniela Lehárová a Marta Hrabáková. Organised by the Slavonic Library.

Exhibition spaces of the Slavonic Library, 3rd floor: Monday to Friday: 9 am – 7 pm; Saturday : 9 am – 2 pm

Media partner of the NL

Feb 28, 2013
Opening hours and entrance fee

Exhibitions in the NL
Moday - Saturday 9 am - 7 pm
Fee: 5,- CZK (free for registered users of the NL)

The Klementinum Gallery - Exhibition Hall
(entrance from Marianské Sq., entrance B2)
Tuesday - Sunday 10.30 am - 6 pm
Fee: mentioned by the exhibitions

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