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Collections Preservation

Telephone: +420-221 663 575
Address: Central Depository of the National Library of the Czech Republic
Collections Preservation
Sodomkova 2
CZ 102 00 PRAGUE 15
Director: Ing. Petra Vávrová PhD.
Deputy: Mgr. Jitka Neoralová, mgr szt. Soňa Hudoková
Department - Head: 1. Development and Research Laboratories - Mgr. Jitka Neoralová (ext. 582,515)
2. Restoration - mgr szt. Soňa Hudoková (ext. 382)
3. Preventive Conservation - Simona Neoralová, DiS. (ext. 481, 488)

Collections Preservation
It is a unit on the level of a division, managed by a director.
It is responsible for complex preservation and care of the physical condition of library collections. Its activity is focused on monitoring climate parameters and cleanliness of depositories for library collections storage; on individual and mass conservation and restoration of library collections, bookbinding and other preservation activities. It is involved in planning and implementing preventive measures against accidents and natural disasters and coping with their consequences. It submits observations, initiatives, proposals, and recommendations within the bounds of legislative and normative process. It collaborates with libraries, institutions and professional establishments both in the Czech Republic and abroad, and is responsible for the NL participation in joint projects and compliance with the particular agreements in the sphere of library collections preservation. Within the scope of its professional competence, it provides coordination, methodological, advisory and consultancy service. Authorized to do so are also individual departments within the scope of their competences. It participates in research and development.


Development and Research Laboratories

It is a unit on the level of a department, managed directly by the Division´s Director.

The activity of the department is focused on initial analysis of the condition of damaged books, such as determining Ph values, i.e. acidity of paper, shrinkage temperature of cellulose fibres in leather /hides/, and microscope observations and material analysis. Research laboratories staff participate in research, development and verification of new conservation and restoration methods and tests of different materials for conservation and restoration within the framework of research projects and grant tasks. Objective tests of conservation and restoration materials, both the non-aged and artificially aged, are perfomed by measuring their chemical, physical and mechanical, and purely physical properties. Laboratory staff monitor and evaluate climate parameters in depositories and exhibition spaces or, if need be, in other spaces that serve for handling library collections, and propose measures and adjustments. Part of the department is also a microbiological laboratory that performs microbiological tests and tests disinfectants and insecticides to treat library holdings and depositories, performs microbiological control of library collections, and carries out both individual and mass decontamination of microbially affected library collections.

It is a unit on the level of a department, managed by a head.
It is responsible for restoration and conservation of unique written documents, illuminated manuscripts and historical library collections. It takes care of rare book collections from ambulant intervention through specific restoration treatment to general restoration of historical works. Restoration and conservation of library collections also include a detailed photodocumentation, restoration protocoles and reports as well as preparation of special protective boxes. It conducts surveys of the condition of historical library collections and processes data into databases, consequently it assesses priorities of care for these collections. Staff of the department participate in preparation, transport and installation of historical collections in exhibitions, they control climate parameters before the beginning and during the exhibions. They are involved in solution of research and development projects.


Preventive Conservation
It is a unit on the level of a department, managed by a head.
It provides new bindings, re-bindings and repairs of the non-historical library collections..Based on proposals and requests it implements the programme of preservation of library collections in protective boxes made of suitable materials. It performs mechanical cleaning of library collections and methodologically ensures its execution by external contractors. It participates in preparing proposals for preventive measures against accidents and natural disasters, and in cooperation with other units and contractors also in coping with their consequences. It is involved in solution of research and development projects.

Czech libraries in floods

Petra Vávrová

Apr 17, 2023
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