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Other Projects

National Projects

Library Public Information Services (LPIS) Programme
All projects in the individual subprogrammes are one-year projects. They cover the promotion of specific library activities in the areas of education, digital library operation, digital data production (retrospective conversion of catalogues, digitisation of collections), operation of information portals, access to digital resources and operation of the Union Catalogue of the CR. The National Library of the CR has regularly participated in the LPIS Programme in order to promote its basic activities.

LPIS Programme Coordination Centre
Project leader: Vít Richter

The LPIS Programme Coordination Centre provided all professional, organisational and coordination activities connected with the implementation of the whole LPIS Programme. Building on the LPIS 3 Programme, coordination with the Project of Internet Access in Libraries, implemented by the Ministry of the Interior of the CR, was provided.

Training Courses in Basic Computer and Information Literacy
Project leader: Eva Dostálková

During the courses, trainees acquire the knowledge and skills corresponding to the European Computer Driving Licence as the minimum educational standard required in the area of work with information and communication technologies as well as advanced competences in the area of computer and information literacy.

Digital Library and Archive for Library Information Services
Project leader: Jiří Polišenský
URL: (technical standards)

Within this subsidy program, the developmental work on the fourth version of the Kramerius System continued. The functionality of this new version of Kramerius was expanded especially thanks to the integration of the METS/ALTO format and the completion of the development of a new indexer, which within the record deposited in the Fedora Commons mediates an adequate result for the user interface. Significant activities were connected also with the development of the Digitisation Register. The data structure was modified, which will allow automatic cooperation with the Kramerius digital library. The aim is the maximal simplification of the registration process. Further, a WEB-service layer was created around the Digitisation Register; it will provide the surrounding applications (the catalogues of the NL CR, Kramerius, digitisation workflow) with data which need to be shared effectively between the mentioned systems. Necessary adjustments were made also within the Sirius application, which serves for the production of digital data. A newly created model will expand the existing export functions of the Sirius system by a novel functionality, allowing the creation of the METS/ALTO and JPEG 2000 formats, which will fully correspond to the standards of the National Digital Library. This new module will be utilisable also by other institutions that want to create their data in the new structures defined by the project of the National Digital Library.

Retrospective Conversion of the Catalogues of the National Library of the Czech Republic
(General Catalogue of the Universal Library Collection I, Catalogue of the Russian Historical Archives Abroad)
Project leader: Nataša Mikšovská

Fifty-four thousand records of printed books from the General Catalogue of the Universal Library Collection I (ULF I) and twenty thousand records from the General Catalogue of the Slavonic Library were preselected and prepared for further treatment. The records that were catalogued included 22,900 records from the General Catalogue of the Universal Library Collection I and 5,000 records of periodicals of the General Catalogue, which had been left out in the previous stages of the retrospective conversion and had not had a record in the Aleph Library Information System.

Recataloguing of the Early Printed Books from the General Catalogue I Deposited in the National Library of the CR
Project leader: Veronika Procházková

In 2010, another 7,800 new records were made and were accepted in the Union Catalogue of the CR.

Digitisation of the Historical Documents of the National Library of the CR
Project leader: Zdeněk Uhlíř
URL: ; (technical standards)

In 2010, seventy documents (i.e. 31,594 pages) from the collection of the National Library of the CR were digitised within LPIS 6.

Digitisation of the Collection of Graphic University Theses Deposited in the NL CR
Project leader: Veronika Procházková
URL: ; (technical standards)

Within the project, the collection of 526 university theses, which are a cultural monument of the CR, were digitised.

Kramerius – the National Programme for Microfilming Documents in Danger of Acid Paper Degradation and Making Them Digitally Accessible
Project leader: Jiří Polišenský
URL: ; (technical standards)

By means of the OCR method, more than 150,000 pages of text were converted. At the same time, 1,250 protective covers of millboard of archival quality were produced. The key activity within the presented project was the reformatting of the titles Plyn a voda [Gas and Water] and Leitmeritzer Zeitung (66,963 fields of microfilm), which are in great demand with our users. In cooperation with our suppliers, the digitisation continued of important periodicals – Rudé právo and Nové (pařížské) mody. The collection of processed documents was complemented also by unique periodicals from the collections of the Slavonic Library and monograph Bohemica from the nineteenth century.

Provision of the Operation of the Uniform Information Gateway as a National Portal and Access to Information Resources of the National Library of the CR and Czech Web Resources
Project leader: Bohdana Stoklasová
URL: ;

The offer of resources was expanded; the overall usage of the Uniform Information Gateway increased. The bX service (a discovery-type service that for an article for which the SFX offer is displayed recommends other relevant articles according to the actual global usage of the articles) was expanded for other users. An important contribution for users was the implementation of authentication for the licensed resources of the NL CR using Shibboleth. In the area of web archiving, 625 new contracts with publishers were concluded. The successful cooperation with them has opened the Czech web to the wider public.

Providing Multi-Licence Access to Czech Electronic Information Resources in 2010
Project leader: Hana Nová

Within the implementation of the project, access to Czech full-text Media and Knowledge databases of Anopress, to the databases of the Czech News Agency and the database of legal information of ASPI of the company WoltersKluwer has continued to be provided. Fifty-seven libraries participated in the project.

Development of CASLIN – the Union Catalogue of the CR
Project leader: Eva Svobodová
URL: ;

At the end of 2010, the database of the Union Catalogue of the CR (UC CR) contained 4,254,082 records, of which 143,364 were records of serials, 59,646 records of early printed books and 185,698 records of special types of documents. In 2010, the website of the UC CR was visited by an average of 4,000 more users per month than in 2009 and the number of requests for ILL sent from the UC CR grew by ca 1,200 as against the previous year. The number of libraries contributing to the UC CR increased by another thirty-four libraries. Within the improvement of user services, more than 11,700 records of monographs have been connected with full texts created in the Kramerius project. Book covers are being added to the entries in the UC CR (if they are available at the so-called Cover Server) and the records are linked to the data available at Google Book Search. A copy of the table of contents of the documents was attached to more than 36,000 records.

Cooperative Creation and Utilisation of National Authority Files
Project leader: Zdeněk Bartl

The project’s objective is to involve Czech libraries in the cooperative creation and utilisation of national authority files and thereby substantially contribute to the efficiency of the cataloguing process in libraries. More than 595,000 records of name and subject authorities are available.

EEA and Norwegian Financial Mechanisms

Preservation of Non-Periodical Bohemica of the 19th Century in Danger of Acid Paper Degradation
Project duration: 30th November 2006 – 31st August 2010
Project leader: Jiří Polišenský
Financial Support: EEA and Norwegian Financial Mechanisms

In 2010, only modification of image data and the creation of metadata were implemented by suppliers. A total of 270,847 image files were treated through the company Elsyst Engineering. For publications with a damaged binding, 1,942 protective boxes from archival millboard were made. The project was thus successfully capped. In the Kramerius digital library, ca 16,000 volumes of digitised monographs of the nineteenth century were made accessible, namely entirely for free via the internet. The original documents can be protected; the digital copies will be used for providing public information services from now on.

Integrated Operational Programme – Smart Administration

The Creation of the National Digital Library
Project leader: Bohdana Stoklasová

In February 2010, a request was submitted for financial support for the Creation of the National Digital Library project within the Integrated Operational Programme for the Electronisation of Public Administration Services. The project succeeded in tough competition and acquired financial support in the total amount of ca CZK 300 million (including 15% co-financing from the MoC). Within the project, ca 26 million pages of modern documents will have been digitised by 2014. In the period of the required sustainability of the project from 2015 to 2019, another 26 million pages will be digitised, hence altogether 52 million pages, which is ca 250–300,000 volumes. All of the digitised documents will be along with the relevant metadata deposited in the long term, protected in a reliable, internationally certified digital depository and made accessible along with other digital documents of the NL CR as well as external digital resources (including prepaid foreign electronic resources) through the user-friendly and adjustable system for central access. The year 2010 was characterised by the preparations for the selection procedures for the suppliers of technology and services and their implementation.

Mar 31, 2015
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