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Rules for the use of internet and electronic information sources in the Slavonic Library

Access to internet is only for registered readers who have valid library card for the Slavonic Library.

Users are obliged to follow the general rules of the Rules and Regulations of the National Library and the Registration and Borrowing Rules of the Slavonic Library and to use the information sources on the internet in a responsible manner.

Users are obliged to follow the National Library Rules for Use of PCs.

User stations in the Reading Room

Users book PC with internet access in advance either in person or via e-mail (for the following day). The use of PCs with internet access without advanced reservations is possible only if PCs are unoccupied. Use is limited to one hour.

Users must use diskettes or flash disks to save the results of their searches; diskettes are available at 7,50 CZK each and may be obtained from the staff in the Reading Room; print copies cost 2 CZK per page.


For registered users wireless internet access is available in the Reading Room. More information here.

Lukáš Babka

Sep 18, 2012
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