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National Library Operation as of 29 June

Based on the Extraordinary Regulations of the Ministry of Health no. MZDR 20581/2020-7/MIN/KAN of 17th June  2020 and no.  MZDR 15757/2020-24/MIN/KAN of 19th June 2020 as well as in view that the Capital of Prague is classed as the region with the deteriorated epidemiologic condition, the operation of the National Library of the Czech Republic for the public continues in the limited mode.

It follows, in particular, that, upon entering the buildings of the National Library of the Czech Republic, and during the sojourn therein, all persons are obliged to wear a face-covering mask and to disinfect their hands.

Services Provided – overview, schedule, and conditions as of Monday 29 June 2020, until further notice

Opening hours from 29 June 2020 to 30 August 2020

Tuesday and Thursday: 9:00 – 19:00
Monday – Wednesday - Friday: 9:00 – 14:00

Opening hours of specialised departments differ – see here >>

Toilets & WC for the public and the staff are separate. Please respect the measure.

Bistro is now open both for the staff and the public.

The quarantine on items returned from both off-site and on-site loans continues.

Main Hall

  • the Users are obliged, when entering the Main Hall and staying therein, to wear a face-covering mask, as well as to disinfect their hands upon entry
  • off-site loans (eligible Users)
    - the orders should be placed in electronic catalogue (OPAC)
    - (we shall appreciate if the User uses her/his own ballpoint pen for signing the loan receipt)
  • returning books
    - in respect of overdue loans, communication by e-mail or phone is preferred (if you have general questions), personal consultation is also possible
    - books can be returned by using delivery services, if you decide for Česká pošta it is necessary to send them as a registered/insured shipment
  • renewing registration, new registration

Specifics of the operation of particular reading rooms in the limited mode are available on their web pages:
General Reading Room
Social & Natural Sciences Reading Room
Scholars Reading Room
Reference Centre
Periodicals Reading Room
Slavonic Library Reading Room
Library of Librarianship Literature
Manuscripts & Early Printed Books Reading Room
Music Department Reading Room
Hostivař Reading Room

What is common:

  • only the NL Registered Users are permitted to enter the designated NL premises and reading rooms
  • the Users are obliged, when entering any of the NL Reading Rooms and staying therein, to wear a face-covering mask, as well as to disinfect their hands upon entry
  • the rules of access to the Reading Rooms on the ground floor change:

you will be assigned a seat by the staff in a Reading Room
□   do NOT TAKE A SEAT on your own
□   address the staff at the desk
□   produce your NL Card 

-- however, it still is necessary to reserve a seat on-line in advance through
NL electronic catalogue (OPAC) in respect of:
- access to the NL Digital Library Kramerius
- access to the Internet (or editing a document)

  • conditions for operation study seats and technologies, compliant with the Ministry of Health Extraordinary Regulations, require special measures:
    - the number of study seats is limited, seating is arranged to secure a two-metre distance between Users 
    - the User shall neither change the study seat assigned, nor shift it 
    - after a seat with technology equipment is freed, it shall be disinfected; the seat may be taken by another User only after the disinfection has been performed
    - the staff at the desk should be notified on finishing your work

  • delivery and return of the Library items proceeds at the desk in the usual way
    - keep a 2-metre distance within Users while waiting in a que (note the marks)
    - the User shall disinfect her/his hands with an agent available at the desk

  • copying services, access to the NL electronic information resources, to the open Internet, as well as the Inter-library services are provided for in the Reading Rooms in the usual way

Jun 26, 2020, HOLAN
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