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National Library Operation as of 25 May

Based on the Extraordinary Regulations of the Ministry of Health no. MZDR 20581/2020-2/MIN/KAN and no.  MZDR 15757/2020-18/MIN/KAN of 19 May 2020, the renewed operation of the National Library of the Czech Republic for the public continues in the limited mode.

Services Provided – overview, schedule, and conditions as of Monday 25 May 2020, until further notice

Opening hours as of 25 May 2020, until further notice

Main Hall

  • modified opening hours (until further notice): Monday to Friday 9,00 – 13,15 and 14,15 – 19,00
    - at the break, the Users shall leave the National Library premises
    - the Users are obliged, when entering the NL premises and staying in, to cover their nose and mouth, as well as to disinfect their hands upon entry
  • off-site loans (eligible Users)
    - the orders should be placed in electronic catalogue (OPAC) (we shall appreciate if the User uses her/his own ballpoint pen for signing the loan receipt)
  • returning books
    - loan period has been renewed until 1 June 2020, during the closure
    - fines for books overdue before 10 March 2020 have not been increased during the closure (this does not apply to loans enforced by legal and judicial means)
    - in respect of overdue loans, communication by e-mail or phone is preferred (if you have general questions), personal consultation is also possible
    - books can be returned by using delivery services, if you decide for Česká pošta it is necessary to send them as a registered/insured shipment
  • the books returned are only available for another loan after their release from quarantine
  • renewing registration, new registration

Reading room operation in a limited mode:
General Reading Room
Social & Natural Sciences Reading Room
Scholars Reading Room
Reference Centre
Periodicals Reading Room
Slavonic Library Reading Room
Library of Librarianship Literature
Manuscripts & Early Printed Books Reading Room
Music Department Reading Room
Hostivař Reading Room

  • modified opening hours: Monday to Friday, more about opening hours of the individual reading rooms here >>
    - during the break, the Users shall leave the NL premises

  • only the NL registered readers are permitted to enter the designated NL premises and reading rooms
    - you have to reserve a seat in the reading room in advance through your User account in the NL system (OPAC)
    - you will have to make an appointment in advance to visit the Manuscripts & Early Printed Books Reading Room and Music Department Reading Room
    - Reading Room operation specifics, if any, are available on the webpages of particular Reading Rooms
    - time span of reservation for particular Reading Rooms or, as a case may be, for particular kinds of activities (namely, with technology equipment) varies
    - assignment of a study seat to a User without prior seat reservation cannot be guaranteed
    - if there is no free non-reserved disinfected study seat in a Reading Room in question, the User is obliged to leave the Reading Room without any delay
    - conditions for operation study seats and technologies, compliant with the Ministry of Health Extraordinary Regulations, require special measures:
    - the number of study seats is limited, seating is arranged to secure a two-metre distance between Users 
    - the User shall neither change the study seat assigned, nor shift it 
    - after a seat at a table or one with technology equipment is freed, it shall be disinfected; the seat may be taken by another User only after the disinfection has been performed
    - the staff at the desk should be notified on finishing your search in the electronic catalogues ALEPH or RetrIS (digitized card catalogue) on a freely accessible station (the keyboard and the mouse shall be disinfected prior to a next use)
    - at some Reading Rooms, the User may be asked to enter only after the preceding User has settled her/his request at the desk

  • Issue and return of the Library items proceeds at the desk in the usual way
    - keep a 2-metre distance within Users while waiting in a que (note the marks)
    - the User shall disinfect her/his hands with an agent available at the desk
  • in the course of the limited mode operation, special rules apply in some Reading Rooms (see special links from particular Reading Rooms)
  • in the General Reading Room, there is a decreased limit of both orders and hold
    - you may place an order for and keep on hold of up to 5 items
    - an exception may grant, at her/his discretion, the librarian
  • direct access to books and periodicals on the open shelves is revoked temporarily
    - you should ask the staff at the desk for an item of the Reference Collection as well as return it there
    - the on-site loan of such an item shall be recorded in the User Account
  • when returning items, the User shall advise the staff on each of the items, whether
    - it shall be returned to the stacks (it will only be available for another loan after its release from quarantine)
    - she/he is intending to consult the item on the following opening day
    - the procedure applies to the Reference Collection items as well
  • non-bound newspapers and periodicals (in particular, the new issues) are made available only in the Periodicals Reading Room
    - you may ask for them the staff at the desk in the Reading Room
    - when returning them to the staff at the desk, advise the staff whether you will study the item in question on the next opening day
  • orders for microfilms a microfiches can be placed for the Periodicals Reading Room only and it is only there where they can be consulted
  • the compact discs (text- and image-base content) are made available in the Social and Natural Sciences Reading Room
  • In the Reference Centre, there shall not be provided access to the Internet
  • copying services and print-outs from the NL Digital Library Kramerius are provided for in the Reading Rooms in the usual way
  • making available of the NL Digital Library Kramerius content proceeds in the usual way; the time slot for study should be reserved by way of the electronic catalogue (OPAC), as well
  • so is reopened provision of the inter-library loans services
  • so is reopened provision of the EOD-Service – eBooks on Demand
  • so is reopened provision of the EDD – Electronic Document Delivery (in respect of the public domain works)
  • reference and research services have been provide without any interruption
  • so is reopened provision of the reproduction services to order
  • the public and staff WC and toilets are separated; the Users are asked to respect the separation due to hygienic reasons
  • bistro is re-open for the Library Users, as well

May 27, 2020, HOLAN
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